Maybe Ticats should keep their offence off the field in the first quarter in order not to have minus yards!! :slight_smile:

Push Kerry Joseph into an official and have him ejected. By the time they figure out it was "unwarrented" the game will be over.

Hamilton's offfence is 6th averaging 369 yards per game, while Toronto's is last averaging 325.

It's the defence you have to worry about. Hamilton is last, averaging 422 yards against per game while Toronto's is 3rd, averaging 373.

Let the QB, Danny Mac or the water boy call the offensive plays. Can't be any worse than we have seen so far.

It's the defence you have to worry about. Hamilton is last, averaging 422 yards against per game while Toronto's is 3rd, averaging 373.
Might that have anything to do with the fact the Cats Defense is on the field the whole friggin night?

New Strategy. Use 2 back sets more often. Cauley played well last year and in my opinion blocks better than Lumsden. Maybe he can help protect our QB's before they all end up on the Injured List or list give them another short option.

I have the solution for not throwing a TD pass. THROW THE BALL INTO THE ENDZONE. I might have only seen maybe 3 balls thrown into the endzone this year, atleast 2 were out of desperation.

No, I think it's the fact they can't stop an opponent's drive.

Unlike the last two years, Hamilton's offence is moving the ball, putting drives together and scoring TDs.

The Calgary game was the real only reversion to last year's play.

If two officials collide do they throw each other out of the game? Just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:

The title of this thread insinuates that we had an "offensive tactic" to begin with and I'm pretty sure we all know that isn't true :wink:

Well, TC once ran over a side judge back when he was driving the ATV at games. TC wasnt ejected, but they took away his ATV.

True, but couldn't you consider any such tactics offensive?

useless post

Your new offensive tactic should be something Bellefeuille is incapable of: ADJUSTING to what the other team is doing. They're sending pressure? Get some hot routes in there. Mix in some screens. Drill the receivers on the importance of recognizing blitz at the line of scrimmage so they can break off their routes, come back to the ball, and help their QB out.

But no, game after game I see the receivers running their same old routes which take more time to develop than the QB has time in the pocket. By the time they've finished their beautifully run routes, Williams has already been sacked.

What drives me absolutely nuts about Bellefeuille is that he is a short-yardage nut in situations where it's the least helpful, but refuses to go to that same quick-passing game when it would actually help your offense out. So on second and long, he'll call a 5-yard out pattern, but he won't do it on second and short, when it could ACTUALLY GENERATE A FIRST DOWN.

I don't even want to get into how cringe-worthy it is to see him making poor Ritchie Williams use play-action during the first series of the game, before the run has been established, thereby eliminating the possibility of the defensive end biting on the handoff and doing nothing but padding the other team's sack stats.

I certainly hope the players and coaches read this forum. We expect much more than what has been presented.

It’s called experience and most of our reeivers lack that. That’s what happens when ou continually shuffle players around.

I certainly hope the players and coaches read this forum.
8) If they are smart, and know what's good for them, they wont !!!! :wink:

I would enjoy seeing the x's and o's that are this teams playbook. The never changing O this team uses has driven me crazy lately so i ve been watching as much of the other teams as I possibly can to try and see the difference, biggest difference is at the O line, watch Sask and watch as their entire O line moves as a unit right or left to simple set up a runnng play. Nothing but power as a unit leading the RB. Calgary's O line will move as a unit to estabilish the QB's pocket location, watch as the play action is run where the line ends up in relationship to where the QB is. No one needs to magically read the others mind. The advantage of doing this is to set up misdirection plays later in the game and as we have seen its working for them. We do not do this. The reads need to come more from the FB in protection, we blame the O line so much when wrong plays are called and other important blockers are not where they should be when a play is developing. Note the early play action against Montreal read well by thier D, imagine a little in your face football if just before the moment of contact with Williams he pitched the ball to a slot back crossing behind and heading to the wide side of the field check the tape we would have scored early doing just that. Other thing I noticed watching again is Caseys nature to play the right side, come on Coach !! If I can see this over and over I am sure all the others can too ! Droping a screen pass to Piercy while Jesse stood open to the left. This was mentioned on the Cassy Printers show about Willaims and the tipped ball to bad on that one but at least he made the open read left. Printers has yet to do this or see this. It will be said once s new coach takes over that simply is better and it is, the best teams will telegraph some plays as Sask does and if I am Jesse or whoever may be running the ball I want to see my O line right there in front of me as a unit from time to time.