new Ticat GM angry at team

After his first month on the job, Hamilton Tiger-Cats general manager Marcel Desjardins has seen enough and has some harsh words for his team.

The team is eliminated from post-season play and according to Desjardins, there are players not giving a full effort, players with bad attitudes in the locker room and players with no respect for the coaches.

Desjardins told the Hamilton Spectator that some players on the Ticats will get a rude awakening in the off-season if they don't start to pull their weight.

"If they think they can just ride it out over the next two weeks and not give what they are paid to do, they might get a shock in the off-season," Desjardins told the Spectator.

The general manager also said he heard some members of the team deliberately played poorly early in the season to get some members of the coaching staff fired.

"In some cases, players had - again this is second hand - intentionally stopped playing to get somebody removed from their job. It's been said. I haven't seen it, but it's been said," Desjardins said.

Desjardins also said some of the Ticats seem to be taking advantage of the fact the current coaching staff won't be back next season.

"They (the players) know that they don't have to answer to these people moving forward. To a certain extent players may have been pushing the envelope. And based on all indications that is something that has been going on for a while, prior to this year. And there was no pushback from the coaching staff," Desjardins said to the Spectator.

He also warned that fans of the Ticats could be surprised at which players won't be back next season.

"I'm not going to keep guys around who are overpaid. It's as simple as that." Desjardins also said that the new $4.05 million salary cap will be a factor in personnel decisions.

I find it hard to beleive that professional players would do this trying to get coaches fired crap, but if so, they should be blackballed and never allowed to play anywhere again. Hamilton ticats players, if this is you, you are dirt. Get lost and dont come back

...what Desjardins should really be angry about is how quotes are handled on this website, right FYB?....

only if he is a registered user of this site :thup:

It will be interesting to see who is let go after the season...because whoever it ends up being, their names will be tarnished...possibly permanently.

So what if a few player's reputations are ruined
when it helps you to build your own, eh Marcel?


Oh, by the way, be sure and get top quality players in return
for these formerly well respected, high priced players, too.

I agree with Tigertownron, you can’t blame the players always…their directions and motivations comes from the coaching.

I still have a bit of a problem with these GM’s that have never played the game at the professional level. Those are the guys who know what the players are going through and can act accordingly. Not saying a good GM has to have been an ex-pro, but in most cases it is better if they are IMO.