New Ti-Cats 3rd jersey

BigDave, I was cruising the Tabbies home page and saw a post on there by you talking about a new 3rd jersey for the 'Cats. I tried going to the newpapers webpage, but couldn't find an article about it. What do you (or anyone who read the article) know about the jersey?

wha??? they got a 3rd jersey???

Never mind, there's a picture of Maas wearing our new jersey on the Cats webstore! I'm getting mine now!!!!



When KK hates it you know it's good

I absolutely love it!

good for you, bad for me, and for the CFL.

where's the throwback? where's the Black and GOLD? sorry, they look like Bomber thrid wannabes!

Its not the greatest 3rd Jersey ive seen, but it definitely isnt the worst either. One look at the Eskimo 3rd jersy will tell you that, lol.

that jersey is YELLOW, not gold. the bombers 3rd is GOLD. that's just a pet peeve of mine. i realize calling something gold sounds less gay than calling it yellow, but it's a lie calling it yellow. it's a decent jersey though, alot better than the eskies 3rd. i was at a restraunt the first time i saw it and i honestly thought the hue on the TV was screwed up.

Im not a big fan of 3rd jerseys, especially if they are done with a new design. The Esks 3rd Jersey you need sunglasses just to look at them, and Hamilton's looks much the same. Maybe not as bright. The Sabres 3rd jerseys you can take it or leave it, but its not too bad. Canucks had an absolutely horrid 3rd jersey that they got rid of, thankfully. I would have liked to seen the Ti-Cats go with a historic 3rd jersey, maybe even take the fans back with the yellow helmet.

sambo, i am surprised to hear you aren't concerned that a new jersey might confuse the players and they won't know who to throw to. and if the design is new maybe they stitched it wrong and they will fall apart, then the palyers will be embarassed and decide not to play.

the 3rd jerseys might confuse the bomber D, blackdale.... :lol:


I think the Cat's thirds should have been of the old black and gold color style, that's just my opinion, not this Winnipeg rip off.

Personally as a fan, I wouldn't want a "throwback" style jersey. I want something new. I already have old Ti-Cats stuff, now I want something new. Teams don't release 3rd jerseys for sentimental reasons, they release them because it's something else mindless cattle (such as myself) will line up to buy. I don't want to buy a brand new old Tiger Cats jersey. Change is good. Maybe a seperate "Vintage" line of jerseys (like the Vancouver Canucks) would be cool, but 3rd jerseys are not intended to be throwbacks, they are supposed to be new, or what's the point? I think they are beautiful. I can't wait to add it to my collection.

I actually like the yellowy colour of the ticats and esks third jerseys(which appear to be very similar). I think they look pretty unique, and they sort of catch your attention. It seems that most people don't like it though. And as far as NHL 3rd jerseys go, look no further than my oilers. Best 3rd jersey ever!

I think it looks great ... much better than Edmonton's. throw black pants on with that and it will look really good. It doesn't look at all like Winnipeg's.

I wish the CFL would bring out a "vintage" line ... it would be a great way to promote the history of this league, which would only help it. This League has a great, long history, but it's not very well-known. People seem to be impressed with history (look at the NHL history, and the throwbacks there ... they're a hit. Likewise with teh NBA).

no disagreement there, Oilers thirds look great! makes me think what a Winnipeg Jets third would have looked like, maybe a throwback to the WHA? We'll never know until they get a new team or the coyotes back.

yes, the CFL should have a virtage campagin. Right now, on, if you want, they will make you an old jersey for $90.

NO kidding they look great! just had to come here and say that for the record.

if you look at the History of the Tiger-Cats Helmet their helmet was yellow not gold, This is y I think the jersey is yellow not gold.

I like Gold better