new ti-cat fan

Hi all I,m the newest ticat fan , well soon will be
as me and my family are moving from dublin Ireland to hamilton early next year
at the moment im a big soccer fan over here supporting my local club and coming to the end of my 10 year season ticket
st. patricks athletic ,
or our forum is
we aint done too well this season but sure thats football.
I cant wait to get over there and start supporing my new local team so any help in season ticket buying or the best seats in the stadium or the best atmosphere would be great help
Ive tried to buy some ticats gear on the official site but unfortunetly i cant get it posted to ireland .
ps excuse the user name its what the lads call me here and also my user name o the saints forum

go ti-cats :smiley:

Welcome mad dog. You know that with that post I might have to really take a liking to a soccer team here in Hamilton if we get one in a decent league, USL perhaps. I don't know soccer much but you might have convinced me with this post to think about it a tad more. :wink:

Theres nothing like supporting your local club , been there watching the game hail rain or snow
over here we get as a lot of what we call barstool fans who support the likes of Man Utd but but have never been to a live game in their lives its all about the adrenaline of seen your team score seen your team win , not half watching it on the tv with a pint of Guinness in your hand,
theres plenty of time for Guinness after the match !!!

when does your season end-begin ?

Welcome Mad dog, nice to see another new and devoted fan. You will like our Football it is a very exciting game with the 3 down's compared to the boring american NFL.
As well as being a ti-cat fan I am also a soccer, my son played when he was 15 yrs. of age at Ivor Wynn and won most of the games. He was a starting Keeper in the Ontario Youth Soccer league, or the provincial level teams.
I think a pro soccer team would be a nice add to the Hamilton area.

Welcome to the site. You'll be very entertained on here. Lots of fighting among fans. It can be pretty funny.
The season begins mid - end of June (preseason) and ends in November.

Playoffs are around the corner. We're in a pretty good fight right now.

The 9 game season starts the begnning of July and ends near the end of October with 3 rounds of playoffs including the championship, Grey Cup near the end of November.

Games are usually weekly.

Love the Irish enthusiasm!

A soccer team would be great too
Im a qualified soccer coach so might be room for me to start coaching kids at an early age
and build for the future ,
but for now im looking forward to supporting the cats , itsa whole new game to me so..

Welcome mad dog, just for information sake,

You may or may not know what I am about to post :lol:

  1. The Argos SUCK!! (that will be the last time you see me type that AWFUL word, they are generally known as "the blew team" they wear these horrid powder blue unis.
  2. The Blew team SUCKS!!!
    The Bummers (Blue Bombers) are aclose second to the blew team around here, they just don't suck as bad... is all
  3. Enjoy yourself here we are a great bunch of fans, some of them are very knowledgable too... me, I type funny stuff!!


Welcome,Mad Dog! We are always happy to have the "luck of the Irish" on our side!

Welcome mad dog !!

Don't apologize about your nickname. . .

I kind of like it !!!

WHEW!!! I thought you were a fan of the defunct Memphis Mad Dogs...

Welcome to the site!

I actually thought i was going to get this of you (rules ) !!!!!!!

Don't attack anyone. if you disgaree with them, argue away but don't resort to namecalling
No text/bebo speak. The likes of LOL and IMO are allowed. "Diz wud b gud" isn't
Don't post in full capitals or overuse of capitals where they're not needed
No images or political slogans allowed in signatures
No using the forum to talk to your mates about random crap. Use PMs if you want to tell someone to go to work
Don't use poster's real names. People have usernames for a reason
Post Only in English / Irish

You'll see almost every one of those rules broken here on a daily basis. :lol:

How about Scottish? I have an idea - Ireland’s best whisky vs 18-year-old Lagavulin…

Welcome fellow expat from across the pond :slight_smile:

cheers sammy
Not an ex pat yet but soon to be
i see your keeping some of your englishness with a 1-0 prediction for tonight !!

those are the forum rules, we're a little more laid back here at

Welcome mad dog to the greatest football team in the world! My great grandfather was from Ireland, I still carry his fine Irish name.

The only time you'll ever see a 1-0 score in a north american football game is when the Bombers face the Argos and win :lol:
That's also when the petitions come out on the Bomber forum to put Kelly in the running for coach of the year :cowboy: