New Ti-Cat DC and OC

(sigh)...starting over yet again.... (with rumours of QB changes too...again)

Ok, now with the Roughriders hiring Chamblin as their HC, and reports of Jones either following him or going to Winnipeg, who now are the wish lists of Ti-Cats fans to replace them?

Of course this will depend on the selection of HC.

No Kidding.....

We are certainly going backwards as fast as physically possible. Sad considering we have a new stadium on the horizon with the potential of hosting 2 Grey cups within the next 11-12 years.

Looks like we are on the verge of another decade of pure futility for our Cats :thdn: :roll: :cry:

Mr. Young (my personal lord and savor) when will this misery end?????

You can remove Turner Gill's name off the list of possible names for the head coaching position in Hamilton. This from Fox Sports....

"Turner Gill, who was fired after a disastrous run at Kansas, was named the new head football coach at Liberty University Thursday.

"In our search for a new head football coach, almost every adviser recommended Turner Gill," chancellor and president Jerry Falwell Jr. said in a release from the Christian university.

"Every indication is that he is a perfect fit for Liberty University. His experience is at the level where we would like to take our football program. His Christian faith is strong and sincere and what any new recruit would expect to see in a Liberty University head football coach. I think Liberty University and Turner Gill were made for each other."

Liberty is a steep drop on the coaching ladder from Big 12 Kansas, where the 49-year-old Gill went 5-19 in two seasons. He was replaced by former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis."

The list continues to get smaller.....


K/P: Misery?
No sir. I see it as a new chance for hope. Misery would have been the status quo for 2012.
The CFL is in constant change. We are now thankfully part of that. :slight_smile: :thup:

Absolutely, you said it. I see this as an opportunity to bring in the RIGHT people that will lead this team to glory instead of spinning it's wheels. I'm already really excited about training camp.

I'm just still upset with this season eh? The way it ended, the roller coaster of pure emotion :expressionless:

The world needs more optimists like Krisiun :thup:

I will be behind the Cats to the bitter end, The TiCats are my tribe, but I will not believe anything now until I see it, winning that is. Winning starts with a proven coaching staff, probably 95% of the time, and what coaching staff does we have now?

K/P wrote:

"and what coaching staff do we have now?"

K/P: As far as co-ordinators...probably none if Khari follows Corey Chamblin.
Isn't that exciting???? :slight_smile:

Just think of the possibilities for the future....hope again!
I'm not saying we will all be ecstatic at the end of the 2012 season but I feel a heck of a lot better looking ahead to the start of the coming season than I did this past June. :thup:
And if it doesn't work out too well.....let's hope this team knows enough to make whatever changes are necessary.
Standing pat with mediocre prospects does not work.

We were bound to get a new OC and DC with a new HC. New guy would alwasy bring in his own people.

I'm excited too because we have a lot of talented players, we just need the right coaches to lead us to Grey Cup glory!

Well, with the possiblity of Chamlin as HC, I could have seen Brad Miller promoted to DC, a job he's held before, and the Tiger-Cats could have maintained a semblance of stability and continuity with possiblities of growth and improvement.

If the Tiger-Cats start over with a Dickenson/Burris tandem, how long will it take a 37 year old Burris to get comfortable with a new team full of young receivers?

And at 37, who is there to replace him? Someone is needed that can be ready in short order. Is it Porter?

If Porter or McPherson get the starting job, then I'd expect a regression and last place finish in the east.

If and HC and OC can come in and get Glenn to put up his career high and team record setting passing numbers of 2010, then the question mark will once again be another all new defense.

By once again cleaning house of coaches, uncertainty regains its almost all too natural foothold in Tigertown yet again.

Oh, for sure.

But can we hold out hope in getting a proven Grey Cup winning HC, a star QB in his prime as well as his star receiver again?

Ain't gonna happen I'm afraid. That combo is not available, and almost never is.

Now here's an idea.

As most of you probably know 'cause I've said it often enough, I prefer focusing on defences as opposed to offences; puts me in a minority I know, but that's the way it is; I enjoy watching a good defence far more than I enjoy watching high-powered offences.

So, I am hoping that Obie and the new head coach (whomsoever that may turn out to be) give serious consideration to bringing in Garry Etcheverry as D/C. I have no idea what he was doing this past season, he didn't go back to Regina when Richie Hall returned and supplanted him there as the D/C.

But, I have always enjoyed watching his defences. He runs such unorthodox and unusual sets and schemes, it was always (to me, anyway) a lot of fun to watch.

the hiring of Greg Marshall as head coach also brought back former defensive co-ordinator Richie Hall to the Green and White to reclaim his position and Etcheverry was asked to take a demotion to back to assistant coach. With co-ordinator positions around the league filled, Etcheverry decided upon returning to the Riders.

His role with he team was unclear though and a lot of questions had been raised as to how he would fit in with the new staff.
“One of his roles was that he was going to be our effort guy, making sure that people were going to be accountable and doing the things that they needed to be doing,? Head coach Greg Marshall said. “He was going to be working with the defensive line as well, and in whatever other manner that Richie thought was best for that particular day or meeting or whatever. It was kind of a moving role. It probably wasn’t as clear-cut and defined as maybe some people would like.?
While there are a lot of conspiracy theorys out there that Etcheverry could not handle the demotion and that led to his resignation we will never truely know.

In the end it is probably a little bit of both. I’m sure Etcheverry wasn’t happy about the demotion, who would be. But his opportunities elsewhere at the time were limited so he stuck it out with the Riders, while possibly keeping his eyes open for something that would be a better fit. A business opportunity that was to his liking came along and would allow him to spend more time with his family. He jumped at the chance. And who can blame him. There are people all over the world that aren’t happy with their current position but do what they have to do to make a living. And when a better opportunity comes along that will improve our happiness, we would all jump at it.

Etcheverry did not rule out a return to football at some point down the road. And as CFL fans, we can only hope it is back in our league.

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Back in February Etcheverry, almost prophetically, mentioned that it will be interesting to look back after 2011 and see which teams, who hired new defensive coordinators, struggled or failed when he was on the market and his phone remained silent. And he's right, it will be interesting.
Gary Etcheverry's departure was a pretty clear portrayal of his time with the team: head scratching and polarizing.

The defensive assistant has reportedly taken a job in the energy sector that is a lot more financially lucrative than his coaching career, especially now that he was relegated to an 'effort coach' with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as described by the new Head Coach Greg Marshall.

Etcheverry hated that moniker! When I spoke to 'Etch' after he accepted his reduced roll within the coaching staff, he discussed that 'effort coach' moniker head on with a question, 'is that all (I'm) going to do?" He thought of himself more as a consultant within the coaching staff, someone to give a 'different' point of view and perspective on how the defence could be successful.

And that's where you see the problem with the new set up that saw a defensive coordinator taking a reduced roll to 'effort coach' or 'consultant'. The defence of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is now Richie Hall's and Greg Marshall's, not Etcheverry's. Though Hall clearly took in some Etcheverry style schemes in 2008 when Etch helped out the coaching staff when Ron Estay left the team for health reasons, the current coaching staff's philosophies are similar to those of Hall and Marshall.

They believe in bigger defensive front sevens, who shut down the run, and make offenses put the ball in the air. Etcheverry said run it all you want, the only way you win consistently in the CFL is throwing the football.

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