New Threat to the CFL.. Lol

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With a payroll so small, I doubt this league is much of a threat...this league seems identical to the UFL except they have much more realistic goals.

John Jenkins found work with a team that has no home league looks chaotic..the best supported UFL team in Omaha could barely draw 1000 fans tonight.. This league looks DOA

Hey, don't be dissing my Blacktips.

I choose teams only on the basis of having terrible names...

Intersting as it may seem there are a few that CFL teams released this year are on FXFL Rosters. Kiante Tripp, Earl Okine, Mister Alexander, Arthur Hobbs.
You are fight it is no threat to the CFL but you can bet that CFL will be scouting it as well.
NDU QB Brock Jensen I beleive had an offer to join the Riders PR but declined to get playing time and he played pretty well. His top Rec was Ryan smith with the Riders and the RB Sam Ojur is on the practice roster of the Ti Cats for the season but looked pretty good in the pre season.`
The Concept of the league is dead on is likely the reason it will work. Lots of underclassman coming out and getting cut, there is alot of pressure on the NCAA about paying players. The NCAA obviously can't pay players but they are on the right track of value of scholorship for travel home for family isues, 24 hour acces to food on top of the meal plan. NFL using the NCAA as a free feeder league does not make them look good at all.
If a player wants to turn pro he can and if he does not make the show he will have a minor league to help improve. With that option for players about 25 and under and about 3 years removed from college. It is a minor league and they will be getting minor league wages. The grass may not be greener for those who leave early. Like other sports the payday comes when u hit the major league level

The XFL couldn't help but be ridiculous, but it did have one aspect that I thought made sense. Each team had first dibs on players from certain schools nearby. So for example, the California club had "rights" to any player from UCLA, USC and...I forget the other one (a smaller school). A league called the Regional football league tried something similar.

It's not a bad strategy. I watch Auburn in NCAA and if a league started up with a team in Alabama with players from the Tigers and Tide, I'd be totally into that. At least the local fan base would be able to recognize a significant chunk of the roster.

Actually the USFL did the same thing. They had territorial picks for each team for players coming out of college and then a draft for those other school who were not in t cities teritory.
FXFL is doing this type thing. with the league assigning players to teams and not teams drafting them. Players can also be moved from team to team by the league should there be a need that teams have