New This Season: The CFL on CBS Sports Network

Hey - 3 down gets plugs all the time from Chris Berman, hes a massive 3 down football fan. Even showed up on a TSN broadcast a few years ago in Hamilton…


Yes but he was the only one! This is more like it at CBS! I already told you all where ESPN can go and stay for good!


i wish the CFL did Football is Back ads like the NHL used to do. love the one where the player is in the shower lol.


CFL+ Benefits and Needed Improvement With ESPN+ Flushed Magnificently Into The Sordid Past

It was a great thing, as a few and I had called for over the YEARS, that the CFL dumped ESPN for good.

If you are not enjoying CFL+ for FREE now or Pirate Sports Network for FREE but paid for ESPN+ plus before, well it sucks to be you but that choice is on YOU and is not the issue of the CFL or any given league or sport.

Of course fixing that problem is not difficult if still the case.

ESPN+ lost subscribers for the first time EVER in 2Q2023, but why would somebody want to pay for that crap when you can get the live content for FREE on CFL+ or via Pirate Sports Network?

Oh by the way, for those of you still with ESPN+, the price is going up too!

How do you like that!? Good luck with paying more for even less for your ESPN fix for more CRAP that is more often than ever NOT live sports.

Now on the other hand, we’ll see what the CFL works out via CFL+ next year.

It would be great to have full remote control capability with ease like on a regular streaming service such as YouTube, Paramount+, Pluto TV, Tubi, Netflix, Crave, Max, et cetera.

I doubt a new CFL streaming service for live games for those outside of Canada will be free after 2023, and it would be great to have other content too like even a half-hour show every Tuesday.

The CFL of course needs more revenue streams, but I bet the enhanced CFL+ app or service will cost less than that ESPN+ crap too plus the app will be better because CFL+ works great already.

Now we watch what happens to ESPN, which can crash and burn for all I care though they have already begun their transition with a new deal to create ESPN Bet as announced about a week ago.


If are are keeping score and have been watching the news since April, that’s the answer for almost all of them, and rightly so, because the CFL won’t ever again have to have anything to do with ESPN. Good flushing riddance!

Except for college football in their longer contracts at hand into the 2030s, the other leagues are already not going to grow their presence with ESPN given the greater failures of Disney and the current transition of ESPN to something else, including the new gambling outfit and upcoming app ESPN Bet.

Good luck with whatever else any of those of you still watch on ESPN+.

You’ll be paying more for less soon unless you count the record amount of filler CRAP on there plus now you’ll get all those ads for ESPN Bet constantly too!

:poop: :partying_face:


CFL+ or Pirate Sports Network Have You Covered In The USA

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Yeah, I’m glad that the Big Ten doesn’t have to worry about ESPN much, if at all, anymore. That network is crashing and burning spectacularly.


CFL shout out from CBS


Thanks for dropping that post Mean Titanium Ted.

Did he just drop a hint of another season for the CFL on CBS when not otherwise on CFL+?

This morning I had to fix my damn TV too when the antenna channels were not working.

If you are reading this now and want to watch the CFL in the US either on CFL+ or on your TV, fix your damn TV now too since we have a whole month before the CFL starts!

Also the 24/7 CBS Sports HQ channel is FREE on many newer TVs and via free Pluto TV as is CBS Golazo.


And it turns out, which I did not know, that the CBS deal is through 2026, which is great money for the CFL in a market for live sports here in 2024 that seems like the most saturated ever given all the viewing options.

Now tourism in Europe and in general stands to break the records set in 2023.

So get your TV fixed NOW, as I had to do as well after getting a new TV in November 2023, so you can also avoid being a no-good galoot and missing out on the CFL on CBS and CFL+ in 2024!

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So last year as noted at the top, we heard about the plans for broadcast in the US in late April when this deal with CBS was announced.

Now when will we hear about the plans for the US TV schedule for 2024?

Of course whatever is not on CBS Sports Network in the US will be available on CFL+, with Pirate Sports Network covering almost all games not on CFL+.


Do you think CFL would ever expand to USA again? How about to the Northern states that would never get an NFL team? Idaho, Utah, Montana, Dakotas

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I go into detail here about American expansion

To answer your questions though 1) it’s possible but based on what I have observed from the CFL owners etc. they wouldn’t want to expand to those states because of the low population. I think they would rather wait and see what develops with the UFL. If the UFL fails they might pull a CFL 93 and make a deal with FOX somehow.

Right now it’s a waiting game for 1) 2026 world cup; 2) End of 2026, beginning of 2027 - new TV deals and 3) 2027 to 29: end of CBA agreement and possible labour trouble. I don’t see any expansion happening before then but I’m not Kreskin.


Here’s some food for thought for the sake of the UFL and IFL for expansion or play out west, but I don’t see it even for those leagues in these very small markets as you indicate for any CFL expansion:


For those of you not in Canada, NOW is the time to test CFL+ on your TV or device during the preseason games.

For those in the US, CBS has yet to release the TV schedule, so don’t wait for or rely on them if you still have cable with CBS Sports Network.

Don’t be a no-good galoot with complaints in Week 1 because you did not fix your damn TV!

I’m not just talk, for I had to fix my damn TV three times since September, so I know you can do it NOW too.

Alright, get to it now after checking the schedule for the next preseason game to test your set-up on the big screen!

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Finally the release of the CBS schedule!

And you just know that CFL fan and site friend Jim Nantz is already excited!

Pirate Sports Network Update 2024, CFL Coverage

So Pirate Sports Network shall continue to sail the high seas in 2024 despite a recent corporate challenge.

Rival crew Captain Longshank’s ship, the Diablo Macho as many of you know, was burned to a crisp in a bizarre accident aboard after some bojack where I work perhaps clicked on porn or a pirate movie copy on the global corporate intranet so as to get automatic scrutiny upon all of us.

We were all good with the LOCAL systems administrator, who where you work is usually a good person too of course, but oh no, that bojack just had to …

Thankfully, though indeed some other crew are not in agreement here because the Diablo Macho was known as the “Ship of Jerks” to many of us in the network, Captain Longshanks and no crew were harmed.

Now despite professional differences and personal feelings, as many of you of course understand and as we do operate by strict rules, solidarity and the Code of the Sea must prevail.

We have accordingly sequestered the crew on a deserted island with provisions to be supplied all season. Some will be brought aboard one of the other ships for work in time.

As for that bojack, well let’s just say that after his polite request, Pirate Cat has been approved by Captain Timbers for the first shot at him - in small room with the lights off and power out. It’s probably not going to go well for that bojack from there.

Back to our regular programming, for Pirate Sports Network will indeed be asail on weekends for most games on CBS channels and to provide technical support to CFL+, meaning Saturdays and Sundays.

Captain Timbers and our whole crew welcome you back to our free, humanitarian service nominated for recognition in the Charter of Human Rights after our award-winning first season in 2023.

Thank you all for your participation and viewership of the CFL so as to help grow the fine sport and game all over the planet.


I recommend that CBS should re-purpose this classic opening song for the CFL with an appropriate intro for the build-up.

Yes I chose the old NBA opening theme over the old “Pots and Pans” intro for the NFL.

“Tonight …on the CFL …ON CBS …”


Pirate Sports Network 2024 for the CFL Season Too

Set up your TV now those of you in the US, and if you don’t have CBS Sports Network and are not set up for streaming yet, fix your damn TV now too!

It’s been over a year since the original deal after all, when they wisely dumped trash partner ESPN.

Three games, not on Friday, are on CBS Sports Network this weekend.

Pirate Sports Network sails on Saturdays and Sundays all season.

I won’t be here until later in the game on Saturday, for they moved to an earlier start time due to the hockey game.

Stop by in the game thread if you need help with yar signal if you can’t get the game via cable.

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Love that theme.