New This Season: The CFL on CBS Sports Network

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League is bringing its brand of high scoring, fast-paced football to CBS Sports Network (CBSSN).

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This is BIG news!!! :crossed_fingers:


Good that they have a second network in the US. How big is the CBSSN subscriber base?

I tried looking it up, but no info I could find

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The CBSSN CFL schedule hasn’t been announced yet. I wonder if they will show all games the same as ESPN+
Same price as ESPN+ $9.99 a month

If you pay attention to the NFL long enough - you will find out there are a LOT of NFL players (and coaches) watching CFL football.

Good that others can too now.

I wonder if new high profile owners had anything to do with this?


It’s not too bad tbh it’s on most streaming providers and Spectrum


I hope Adam Schien is the play by play voice



$100,000 to $200,000 annually, hopefully some of this is used to improve the CFL broadcasting overall…doubt that though. Will be great to get more exposure in the USA.


this is true.

welcome to cfl forum :slightly_smiling_face: thank you for posting!


Says they’re only airing 34 games, hope they provide another avenue for us USA fans to watch every game.


Says CBS to the CFL:

“Come with me if you want to live.”


There is more to the story we have yet to hear.

CBS Sports Network has a base presence and compared to the others, quite a small presence on cable.

There is also some content via a presence via free Pluto TV as well as I have to also wonder, and it would make great business sense, to simply simulcast the games on Paramount+ just like almost all other content on the CBS Sports Network cable or on CBS proper.

The latter is already done via Paramount+ for UEFA Champions League soccer and for various other sports on CBS.

I’m thrilled that the CFL chose the network partner in the US that makes the most sense and with a genuine interest in exposing the games and not sidelining them with poor publicity like those increasingly worthless and antiquated dolts at Disney and ESPN.


Or just simulcast to Pluto TV or Paramount+, which they do already for other CBS sports content, unlike NBC and Disney / ESPN when they marginalize content to only cable or only Peacock or only ESPN+ as if it is still cable TV 2018 when it was already well on the slide.

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why only 34 games???!!

i live in the US and watch almost all the games. i can understand not putting all games on cable tv but why not make them all available streaming??

i will pick up a cbssports or paramount plus subscription if it means i can watch the cfl.


Don’t see anything about money here. Are they getting paid for the product? That would be a nice change.

@montypython In the 3downnation article above, you’ll see that John Hodge reports the money to be $100,000 to $200,000. That’s not included in the article.
Although not much money and 34 not being many games, it’s CBS who can be trusted to present our games well (although I don’t think Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier will be doing play-by-play and colour) but it’s still C-B-BLOODY-S who some of us think is pretty top rate.

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I think the 100-200k being quoted was from the ESPN deal. Unless I’m mistaken I thought CBS was just borrowing the TSN feed as well