New Terrace Seating Info

From my ticket rep:
Due to the large demand for private suites and premium seats in general for our home games, we have created our ‘East Side Terraces’ that have been built on our East Concourse. There is a total of 9, spread across the tops of sections 114-116. Each Terrace Suite will include:

  • 10 Tickets (however 8 will fit best)
  • 8 Total Chairs/2 Tables
  • 4 Bar Rail Seats at the Front
  • Table behind the 4 Bar Rail Seats with 2 more Bar stools
  • The tables will have room for food and beverage to be presented and served
  • It will be private for the occupying group and open air, but the back part of the area will be covered
  • This space will be serviced for food & beverages (additional cost)
    We have a high demand for full-season purchases in this location, so we only have two terraces remaining for the Home Opener on Friday night. We are currently not selling any other games, and due to the high demand, I can’t guarantee that we will have any available after this upcoming game.
    In terms of cost, if you want to get one for the Home Opener the cost is $1,500.00 or $10,000.00 for a season

I’m sure the people in the accessibility seating are going to be thrilled having a semi-private box 2 feet away.

All kidding aside that’s an astronomical price for a couple bar stools and standing room.


100$ a game.

it will be fun to watch the servers bringing food and beverages to the patrons as they work their way through the crowd of people that hang out on the concourse through most of the game.

Better check your math there . 10 people = $150.00 a game . 8 people = $187.50 a game . Now if you’re talking getting the box for ST’s then yes it would work out to a $100.00 a game each ticket including the preseason game for 10 people . If only 8 people then it works out to just under a $140.00 per seat . Of course though snacks and libations are not included and at an extra cost .


No head room in there at all, you won’t be able to stand up or you will bang your head. If you are a fan that jumps up every time there is some excitement forget it.
But it is good to see the team coming up with imaginative ways to generate revenue.

The headroom is bizarre and the food is consistently terrible - I can’t see the appeal.

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Also if it’s pissing down rain or other bad weather the four people who are sitting in front are shit out of luck .

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Yes. 100$ a person.

I suppose if you have the money and like being catered to, people might try it out esp if they hate concession lineups. Not sure at that price if you’d get any premium food options, but maybe they actually bring it to you hot? Would also appeal to about 16 Argo fans who wouldn’t get a beer or popcorn shower.

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Will 10 people even fit in that thing.?

Seems like it’s 4 in the back covered spot and 4 in the front. Decided not to say anything rude about an additional two.

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