i noticed when iwas looking through our roster that our player have had head shots taken and they look great! thanks for the update guys@!

Good work techies, they all look great. I feel sorry for Jason Maas, his head and ears remind me of the cup haha. And did anyone else detect a tinge of grey in Morreale'es hair? Why was Willie Quinnie listed as a QB? anye ideas?

becuz he is a qb, they r trying to convert him to SB

Praise the Lord!! A year's worth of complaining has finally paid off. I'm grateful, but is it a crime to smile??

ahaha apparantly for some people it is. especially for Armour.. maybe hes trying to look menacing or something?

Does anyone know if the team sells the team roster/pictures in a hard copy a program (only no advertising).

My kids like to try and get autographs of the players when they come to town and the last few years I had to resort to printing off each bio from this website. And that was quite the pain as I had to try and edit all the extra stuff out so I would only print the bio with the players pic.