new systems ,new people(coaches)

I definitely see a different swagger in this team albeit even after 1 game.Matthews philosphy was too play on the edge ,take chances,exert pressure whenever possible on the opposing team.Coach Popp's game seams to have a more conservative approach.It is still a long season,and we all know that in the CFL,some teams hovering around the 500 mark have won Grey Cups.I think the idea of play-action to enhance the run and vise-versa is great in the American game with 4 downs,and maybe even at the minor levels which rely more on the run,but inthe CFL pro game,passing is paramount,and having great specials is paramount.Those are the areas Matthews excelled and it would be advisable if the ALouettes nurtured these areas!!!!Food for thought!!!!

The Don, was the best at innovation this league ever saw. It would be a hard act for anyone to follow and live up to his expectations.

A hard act, but not impossible for an experienced coach. Not an egomaniac on a power trip who knows nothing about coaching, which is what Jim Popp has become.

I hope Jim Popp is just an interim coach until a big signing of a REAL coach comes within the end of the year.