new survey reveals Argos should be primary tenant @BMO

Thanks for posting tangled. At any rate, I really don't care who is regarded as the primary tenant, TFC can have that designation for all I care. As long as the Argos get a majority of dates they want, that is the key. Marketing and such with the likes of an ownership group like Bell and LT's group will not be a problem even if there is no permanent signage on the Argos Exhibition site (from a sports perspective) , and it is the Argos Exhibition site, history can't be rewritten afterall. I think the Argos should be courteous and as all proper Canadians do, allow TFC to have all the permanent signage they want with no permanent Argo signage and then the Argos should say, as all proper Canadians do, THANK YOU. :wink: 8)

Another silly useless survery!! if 26% percent of people aross Canada followed the CFL then why are the TV ratings at 680,000 per game? which is roughly - TWO PER CENT
It's like the survey the week before the Grey Cup when Canadians were asked if they were going to watch the Grey Cup, over 50% said yes we will be watching - it turned out it was 3.8 million total or 11%

The true results of a survey is how many fans will actually buy tickets to BMO to either watch TFC or the Argos.

Why so negative, Jim? No need to put a negative spin on everything. It accomplishes nothing.


Weren't you one of the posters who said no one would buy the Argos?

If this kind of survey provides ammunition for the Argos and ensures they get quality dates, that's great!

While 26% follow the league, you're only getting fans of 2 clubs at a time watching each game.

Why don't you do us all a favor,mikem, and get yourself an education combined with common sense. Reading your dribble is taxing on my patience.

At the end of the day, the Argos need 10 quality dates every year. That can't be too much to ask and I'm sure it is more than doable. If the Argos make a mess of the "pitch" and it causes TFC fans to whine, that's icing on the cake.

Yes I don’t put too much stock in these surveys either way.

Primary, secondary tenants. It really doesn’t matter in the end. The 2 teams play a combined 26 regular season game. Pre/post season/CCL doesn’t add too much to the plate. Plenty of dates to go around.

are you implying that the participants of this survey are merely fabricating the answers?
that they really like MLS/TFC over the CFL/Argos and are just trying to sabotage the results of this census?

:roll: :roll: :roll:

give your head a shake slimjim/mikem/CFLGAL.

and the fact that 38% of all those questioned are from Ontario (with 40% of those from Toronto) responded greatly in favor of the Argos/CFL speaks volumes.

..while your many failed predictions of the Argos folding by 2014 with the NFL moving in immediately thereafter also speak volumes..

if someone wants to say the numbers are high...fine...sometimes people over-answer in surveys, but then you have to assume that all the numbers are roughly the same ratio inflated, so it all works out the same. Problem solved.

Give me a break... Even if the Argos aren't officially the "primary" tenants, the city will view them as such. And as such they will make more money in 4 games than that crappy soccer team in Toronto will all season. It'll change in a few years if the owner is smart. Who actually watches that amateur soccer league anyways? "Professtional" LOL. This is North America, the only four sports people ACTUALLY care about is Football first, Baseball second, Basketball third and Hockey fourth.

Good luck to the Argo's at BMO, I am happy for them and grateful for the opportunity for my Esks to sack Ricky Ray there and do somersaults after... Not too mention blow them out of the water. :cowboy:

Every year for many now, the annual similar survey confirms how the CFL is the second most popular sport in the country.
In fact, the TV numbers confirm how we are a close second to hockey.
As for the MLS its infomercial viewership with only a niche following in each relevant city.

Can't tell if this survey is more people like the Argos or hate TFC

I really dislike tension between tfcsoccer fans and argocfl fans as much as I dislike cfl vs nfl.

I like all 3.

at least I like the gamesleagues.

sometimes it seems like soccer fans world wide are the worst, but I have to tar them all with the same brush.

For the record. I believe that the argos have no business in BMO. It was not built for them and I can understand TFC fans resentment.

I am truly disappointed that they are not just building a new stadium for the argos. I would choose Markham, but anywhere would be better than BMO

um...yes, it was to be built to be available for them. Have you not read any news articles on this or posts in here over the past years?


"The Argonauts attempted to join the project at the last minute, but MLSE, citing budget and time limitations, constructed the stadium such that it could not fit a CFL field without demolition and reconstruction of the endzone stands"

" In November 2009, it became public that the Argonauts were in discussions with the City of Toronto over the possibility of moving from the Rogers Centre to BMO Field, potentially as early as the 2010 CFL season.[38] The CFL agreed to study the feasibility of the Argos playing at BMO Field, which was built too short to fit a full length Canadian football field despite the requirement that the stadium be convertible to CFL configuration in the original stadium agreement.[39] According Tom Anselmi, former executive vice-president and chief operating officer with MLSE, without significant renovations BMO Field could only fit a 100-yard field with 15-yard endzones or a 110-yard field with 10-yard endzones, which is 20-yards shorter than the standard 110-yard field and 20-yard endzones.[40] On December 16, 2009, the Argonauts officially abandoned the idea following receipt of the CFL study which stated that "Canadian football could not be played there in its current state."

There were those that wanted to build the stadium for both teams, but it did not happen and was instead built not for CFL, but for MLS and other.

I am not even going to dig anything up to argue that. There have been countless articles on it, including some from people who were actually a part of the process. Further, it has been discussed a lot on here. Government money was provided for funding with the clear stipulation that it was to be a soccer pitch that could be used for football as well. If you have not read it then you have not read much on it, or you are simply ignoring it. No idea how it could be missed with any level of reading on the subject. As for you end you have in red...yes sh*t they had to abandon the idea of playing there. That is the whole fricken reason people are pissed off...because it was supposed to be designed with football in mind but some soccer a-hole pulled a fast one during construction. It is the reason extra money had to be pumped in now. IMO there should be an investigation on it and someone should be charged.

The bolded part shows the original plan that got awarded the taxpayers' dollars. Just why that original plan was not followed I'm sure a lot of taxpayers (especially those that are fans of Canadian football) would like to know. But in the end, MLSE is going to follow that original plan, largely on their own dollar, so it should all be good come a year or so from now.

It was supposed to be built for the CFL as well, and a lot of money and effort went towards that purpose, but in the end, it was NOT built for CFL football

as for present plans, re TFC fans, it is like giving candy to a baby, and then taking it away again. I don’t blame them for crying.

Hey, I don't blame them for being upset either. It is "their house." The point is that it WAS supposed to be built with CFL in mind and someone f-d the government over, so the TFC fans can cry all they want....the facility is being brought to the standard that it was supposed to be built for in the first place. Stunning that it has never been investigated. I would not be surprised at all if at some point when certain parties attempted fighting this move that finally got the Argos into the stadium that it wasn't basically said back off or we will start looking into original construction. Speculation ofcourse, but would be shocking at all. I am not an Ontario tax payer, but if I was I would be screaming for an investigation into the fraudulent actions that took place in original construction.