New Subway Commercial

Has anyone seen the new Subway commercial? No, it's not another Jared one.

The commercial is advertising their campaign where you enter to win two tickets to the Grey Cup. I just saw it today & as a CFL fan I was offended. The commercial shows the butts of football players, cheerleaders & a mascot. The fact that they show their butts isn't the offensive part, it's the fact that the uniforms that the players are wearing, don't belong to any CFL team, same w/ the cheerleader outfits & oh yeah, which CFL team has a chicken for a mascot?????? Now it seems to me that the target market for this commercial would be CFL fans, so why would have the players wearing what looked to be a NFL team's colours? It seemed almost ignorant to me. If you want to appeal to CFL fans maybe you should do a little bit more research & used the proper football attire.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this yet & what they thought.

I don't know about a chicken as a mascot.I know a chicken of a fan named Detor.LOL
I have to see this one Spankee.
Did I tell you congrats on your win Spankee.You know I mean that when I write that to you!!!
4 More days!!!!

I saw it long as they didnt show Jared's Butt I was fine with it...:slight_smile:

You rather see fottball players butts?
We do have something in common.

anything is better than...RANCH RANCH RANCH RANCH RANCH

Not Detors poll posts!!!
What team do you cheer for?
What an idiot!!!

My wife is really peeved at the TIm Hortons commercial… Regarding Steeped Tea, she thinks it depicts middle aged women as Morons lol…

If you were asking me I am a riders fan, just not your stereotypical one

Thats Steeped

No, Tvor - That's Stupid. I hate that commercial. "Steeped outfit, honey." Good Lord, my mom was never that dense when I was a teenager. Gotta agree with the wifey, Dentor. . .it does depict them as complete idiots.

Well, face it. For once, the idiot is not the average middle class, middle-aged, white man. When they need an idiot in an ad, it's always him.

... because it can't be a black or an asian... that would be racist.
... because it can't be a woman... that would be sexist.
... because it can't be an handicapped person, an elder, a kid, a member of clergy, a gay guy, etc... that would not be politically correct.

So the moron is always that typical white man who can't defend himself because all of what defines him isn't considered discrimination prone.

Face it, there are idiots everywhere. I'm sure we could find a lesbian black paraplegic christian old woman somewhere that would be a total idiot, would we really try to find one.

Funny my wife likes the new Subway commercial...(gee, wonder why???)

Will it make me want to go buy a sub...not really.

Not always true, 3/10 - only usually. Recall a couple years back where McDonald's ran an ad wherein the idiot was a black male desperately looking for a toy he presumed came with his meal. It was cute the first six million times they played it, but it got annoying after that. . .

spankeedisco ,

which team colors would you have chosen? This is supporsed to be broadcasted across Canada. How would you like to see Montreal uniform if you would be a Riders fans?

but a big questoin remains. Did the CFL "endorse" this contest or did Subway just bought a couple of tickets and his making money on CFL's back by bringing stupid customers for this contest?

I've seen the new Subway commercial a few times already, and the cheap production value behind it is blatently obvious.

They basically took stock footage of the stands at Commonwealth and then had the actors do their part in front of a blue screen. Mesh the two together and you get this steaming pile of "rougeycrapâ„¢"

Well, actually I am a Riders fan & personally I wouldn't care which team colours they used as long as they were CFL colours & not NFL colours. I don't think that it's CFL endorsed & they just bought the tickets.

Cheap production is right. I thought they were promoting the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions..... My wife liked the buns part though.

But did you ever hear a man complain that it depicts men as childish?
Actually I think T&T is right. For years now men have been depicted an morons but we never complain. I remember a few years back there was a billboard that showed a woman who was saying "I have 3 children, a boy, a girl and my husband." then it went on to advertise some product. Ya know who complained about it? the women's groups. Don't ask me why because I never bothered to read the article in the paper because it would have been a waste of time.

Subway may be making money but it is not on the backs of the CFL.
They are an official sponsor and pay money to the CFL in order to use the logo and show commercials during the games.

"For years now men have been depicted an morons but we never complain." - Because you're not "withit" enough to figure out how??? KIDDING, KIDDING!! All in fun. . .

Seriously, though, men don't complain about that kind of stuff. As a woman, I'm not about to complain too much about it either. I think some people are just too wrapped up in political correctness - it's not personally directed at me, so I can't really bother to get offended. I'm just annoyed by some commercials is all - simply for their stupidity, not because I perceive them as sexist. Friends of mine complain constantly because it's the women who are shown scrubbing bathrooms, while in that new Swiffer commercial, the man is shown goofing around with the new product. Give me a break - it's not like commercials reflect the real lives of every person in the country. I couldn't be bothered to invest that much into a commercial.