New Strategy?

Did the Bombers pull a fast one on the Cats and the officials? George Carlin or Maxwell Smart might have called it the "old artificial flag on the turf trick". The coach's challenge flag is thrown and then quickly picked up while the opposition waits for the ensuing discussion. The Bombers call a quick play during the confusion and the Cats have too many men on the field. The league should be looking into this issue. It may have been accidental but somewhere Roger Neilson is saying, "Well done coach!" If you're not cheating, you're not trying? :wink:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I too wondered why the penalty was enacted as the challenge flag was dropped with little time (nor notice) to regroup after rescinding the challenge.
perhaps there should be a rule prohibiting challenge flags from being retracted.

I'd sign the petition.

I never understood why they allow them to pull their challenge. The first year it made sense but after that NO! Kind of like calling a timeout and then saying "never mind".


You could see the confusion and then frustration on the part of the Hamilton players too...a lot of WTF? Yep, once thrown it is down. Hopefully Austin brought this forward to the CFL Commission.

Its very easy to fix. Once the coach has thrown the flag, only the game official is allowed to touch/pick it up or its a delay of game penalty.


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I too wondered, as Pat did, whether that was a deliberate attempt to catch the Cats off guard and, if not, would a smart coach take note of the trick and keep it in mind for future use. The ideas expressed here on how to rule that out are good and should be implemented by the league.

I was curious about that too. I sent an e-mail to the CFL about it. Not expecting a response but if I get one I'll post it.

It was not a play that could be challenged, it should have been a delay of game on Winnipeg. You can't challenge the spot of the ball on 2nd down, they got away with one.