New Sticky - Ref Complaints

Since there are some who turn every thread into their personal whine about the refs site. How about we put a permanent whine site in the top and allow no complaints in any other site. That way the complainers can have their thread and all those who want to read the complaints can do so at their hearts content.

PM the mods instead of starting another thread. Was suggested recently, but I'm guessing they might not have seen it buried in a thread. It's a popular topic so would make sense for a sticky.

Popular with some, I think most people get tired of every thread getting dragged into the fire the refs mud.

That’s why I agree with you that a sticky would be a good idea.

Interesting suggestion 3downhound and I understand where you're coming from. The problem I can see with it is that there are times when commenting on a particular play [for example] one may not be able to avoid including the refs call in the context. Then what happens? Is the poster's comment a violation? Speaking of violations if the comment is "off-topic" it is a violation of guidelines and can be [should be?] reported. Moderators should also make sure the post is removed. The challenge becomes when to determine when a post is off topic or not. The topic "Lions almost Robbed" or something like that, was a specific complaint about the refereeing about this specific game not about refereeing in general or about refereeing across the board. If posters are talking about the refereeing as per the Lions/Roughriders game that is good. When posters start making the subject about refs per se I think that is crossing the line and they are then off-topic.

Nevertheless, I think your idea deserves a closer look and perhaps a trial time to see how things work out. It appears that many of the fans on the forums here have something to say about the refereeing of just about every game in the CFL.

The suggestion was made in another thread recently. Basically the idea was general complaints would go to the sticky and complaints about a specific call could stay in the game thread. I would say when it gets beyond discussing the rule around a specific call and the officials (on field or video review) interpretation of that rule it should go to the sticky.

Take the BC/Riders game. Discussion about the decision on the late 2nd quarter TD would be OK for the game thread, but if you wanted to get more general than that it should go to the sticky. I agree it will be difficult at first, but if people are reminded politely I don't think it would be difficult to police. Maybe throwing out some basic rules in this thread that we could start with would be a way of seeing what might work.

I've pitched this before too. Essentially any new thread about the refs gets merged in to the sticky, so we only have one thread instead of five a month.

I nominate 3downhound to proof read all posts, censor and decide what posts should get moved to the twilight zone. I sure wouldn't want to mention a crappy call in a game thread and sully the game thread with my whining. That way all the "complainers" won't bother the real fans such as 3downhound. :roll:

Then maybe we should rename this forum to "ref whining" and make another one where people actually talk about football? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why stop there?

Why not sticky a thread for;

Bonehead Coach moves
Bad Trades
Stupid OC play calls
Hated PBP Announcers
Stupid Scheduling
Like or Dislike Player X
Winnipeg Sucks
Argos Suck
And which is better, Coke or Pepsi!
Tastes great or less filling

The list could go on!

Oh yea... and Expansion

No to a Ref Complaint sticky. Perhaps auto delete function for Ref Complaint posts.

Really, a sticky needs to have a more specific theme than just a catch-all for Ref Complaints given the variety of legit comments about truly bad calls and absurdities about deliberate favoritism.

You're probably right Robsawatsky. The problem I see is that someone makes a comment about a bad call and others hijack the thread by going off on a tangent about refs in general. Before you know it the thread is about bad refereeing rather than about a questionable call a ref might have made.

I'd really like to know how the players across the CFL feel about the refereeing. Are there any stats on this that anyone knows about? Results could be completely anonymous. After all they are the ones most closely affected.

You think that would be more realistic than what we get here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, I suspect we'd get "all calls against me were bad calls"/"all the calls that weren't made against my opponent were missed calls". Look at the regular gestures we see from receivers on non-pass-interference calls! And of course, we know that every defensive player tried to pull-up on that hit on the QB but it was just too late to stop.

How about head-coach ratings for all the officials?

I dunno, not sure WHERE we'd get an unbiased assessment.

Don't like the threads? Don't click them. Merging them into a sticky thread is an awful idea.

If I don't like threads about the Lions maybe we should move them all into a sticky too.

I don't know Robsawatsky. I'll give the players the benefit of the doubt and assume they'd be a little more honest if their submissions were anonymous. A simple question or two would suffice:

Players on a scale of one to ten, ten being extremely satisfied, how happy are you with today's CFL refereeing? Wouldn't it be surprising if the results were a 7 or an 8 or even a 9? This could be followed up by a question giving the players a chance to elaborate upon. Players on the sideline and on the field are as close to the action as the refs are in many cases. Maybe the players themselves are not nearly as unhappy with the refereeing as some of the posters on these forums are. If that is case then the issue is not the refereeing.

Head coach ratings could be thrown into the mix as well.

As soon as someone's favourite team loses this weekend, someone on here will cry and start a new "CFL Refs Suck" thread. Trust me. Just wait for it.

Astute Birdman, astute! :thup:

Any bets on who? I can think of one or two. Of course the disclaimer will be the poster was not saying the refs suck but was just complaining about this call or that call. lol

I am betting that there is a biblical connection to the poster. :cowboy: