New Stats Page

Love the new stats page.

Great job gang. Everything you'd want to know about the game. Almost don't want to look at the game thread anymore.

Again...two thumbs up :thup: :thup:

I suppose that you're referring to the page that you can bring up if you click here. If so, I must say that I like this very much, and that is so great to have. I like the look of it, and not just because the Ticats stats look so good there. :slight_smile:

And you know, I was planning on reading through the game thread posts, but reading through thirty-three page of posts will be a little time-consuming. :slight_smile: This page gives an excellent summary of what happened during the game.

But of course the game thread has its purpose, which is to comment on the plays documented on that page. And these new forums are very game thread friendly with the "quick reply" feature and the way it is so much faster. Those are a few things to like about the changes made here.

WOW. Was very impressed by the ticats as I listened to it on CHML internet. I was equally impressed today when I saw the new game stats page.

GREAT job. :thup:

Are those 'official' CFL stats or are they just for the benefit of readers as a game recap?

The new stats page looks good.... :thup:

It's actually "active" during the game. As the plays happen, they refresh and are updated as it happens. There are some other really cool things on it as well, like the play yardage is indicated on the field graph. Very impressive.