New Starting Safety

Safety has been a position that the Lions have struggled with a bit.
Looking at the roster today I see that Keynan Parker a rookie with the Lions last year playing mostly ST but was also listed as a CB. He is a speedster, was a hard hitter on coverage teams, so to me it seems like a natural move for the young Canadian.
LaRose still listed on the roster as a safety was ok but the Lions looking for some change have a good one.
Noticeably missing was Matt McGarva who may just not have what it takes to be a pro in the CFL

You're right Steve, we just haven't been the same at that position since Baron Miles retired. LaRose hits hard but has hands of stone (1 INT) and can be out of position at times as foot speed is an issue.

The Lions have Kenyon Parker slated to try out for the field corner position. I do think Matt McGarva will get a long look at camp (and whoever they draft). He's a local kid (Surrey BC) who attended Windsor. He had his season come to an abrupt end at training camp when he blew out his knee. He was performing quite well (Korey Banks praised his play at one point) until he got injured.

Craig Butler would have answered our prayers at this position but choice the Ti-Cats.

Parker is listed on the roster as a safety so who knows. Upgrade from Larosse is needed though

Early reports from TC is Matt McGarva is looking strong at safety. Its still early but he came ready to take that job.
With a bevy of new Import DBs McGarva knows the Canadian Game has a year under his belt siiting and watching while injured