New Starter for Labour Day

Ron Lancaster said on the Ticat Show on CHML

Marc Pilon will start at Nose Tackle
backed up by newcomer Clinton Wayne

here is his profile

Roger Dunbrack will go on the reserve roster.

Philippe Gauthier will back up Wayne Shaw.

Ron says they have to see how these recent additions can perform.

I thought Roger Dunbrack would get Belli's spot.

I have always liked his work effort
and his play when he's 100% healthy.

here is his profile

Does anybody have any strong opinions on Marc Pilon?

Philippe Gauthier probably won't get reps at Safety.
I am looking forward to see how he plays on Special Teams.

here is his profile

After shattering the school’s record book last year, Williams was a finalist for the 2004 Walter Payton Award and tries to build on that success. He broke Appalachian State single-season records for passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, completion percentage and total offense. Williams boosted those numbers with an extraordinary 40-for-45 effort in a 30-29 win against Furman, setting an NCAA all-divisions record with an 88.9 completion percentage and 28 consecutive completions. May be he knows the book enough now to set aprt from the cheerleaders !

what are you talking about? i dont think this topic had anything to do with the qb

maybe he posted in the wrong league . :slight_smile:

I think he assumed that by Starter Ron meant QB. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Ritchie Williams.

ya i guessed that but shouldnt you read some posts before comenting?

pilon, dunbrack, wayne = anything better than that overrated slob belli and his kissing antics/ childish behaviour.

I was also surprised to see Pilon getting the start. Dunbrack (if he's healthy) seemed to be the logical starter, or Wayne if you want to give the new guy a shot. Not sure what Pilon did to earn the start, but given the past performance I can't really critisize Coach for mixing things up. The O-line is also a concern with both Cheron and Smith on IR.