New staff for the Al's -

To be politically correct in the famolus province of Quebec and at the same time interject some needed energy into the franchise (which has been lackinmg sine JP anointed himself)the following candidates could be the possible coaching staff for 2008 season:

HC-Charlie Taffe or Danny M (preference Charlie)
OC-Jacques Chapdelaine/provided we change personnell
DC-Chris Jones
ST-Glenn Constantine(longshot but worth it)

That's my take......

What about someone like Tom Higgins or Danny Barrett?

Charlie Taffe would be a great coach, he did a marvelous job with us when he was here, but I think if anything is realistice, we should stick to the available coaches, as it is, Taffe is still a Ti-Cat.

Macciocia would be great as a cordinator, not Head coach.

If not, why not give Chris Jones the HC spot. He deserves it way more than Jim Popp.

Add in to the mix, if he becomes available, Jim Barker.....seems to me he was our offensive coordinator the year we went to the Grey Cup and actually won the thing. I could see him in that role, as head coach, or as GM, all of course depending on what happens with Popp ( I seem to recall that Popp and Barker do not get along, so I guess we'll only see Barker here if Popp is relieved completely).

The last thing we need is the"Pillsbury Dough Coach" after the complete lack of class he showed in the Grey Cup two years ago! Not to mention he's guided the Eskimos to two losing seasons since.

Als will announce Higgins as coach, once the blackout is lifted.

Meh. Not crazy about Higgins, but he'll certainly be a step up from the Popp Star. I'd really like to get Jim Barker back into this organization, though.

Higgins grew on me since he's been in Calgary. Right now he is the perfect guy for the job. The org is facing an exodus of massive proportion, they couldn't bring in an unknown. Higgins is probably the most respected football man in the CFL. It will allow Jim to resume his functions as a GM (with a few changes). Assistants may decide to stay and players will love playing for him, this means Cahoon, Duval and Watkins...these guys will come back and Higgins won't be an obstacle to bringing in new players.

Big adjustment for Higgins to leave Alberta after 25 years but I think he will love Montreal.

Now it will be interesting to see if Jim comes back or asks to be let out of his contract...

Here is a really cool article on Higgins

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Id really like to see chris jones given a serious look at as head coach he has done a very good job and warrants consideration above any outsiders.

Higgins is a good coach but if we get him we are going to need a new OC or we will become the most boring team in the league. Perhaps Macciocia would be a good fit there as the eskimos had success with that combination

Rich Stubler who is responsible for the league's best D in Toronto said on the FAN590 that Montreal is one place he'd consider as Head Coach. If Pinball stays on, Stubler seems to be willing to listen to offers.

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