new Stadiums

When do you think the next round of Stadiums will come around for the league? 2010's 2020's?

Another one of these huh? Anyways, there will never be a "next round". Rogers Centre, Molson/Olympic, BC Place, Commonwealth and maybe McMahon will probably stay for a long time (I'm predicting McMahon not so much as the others). Maybe Winnipeg will build their new stadium in the up coming years, don't know the situation in Regina, Hamilton (lets skip steeltown), and Ottawa should be punished with their stadium (which isn't that bad) for years for being lousy supporters.

This would've been nice. :smiley:

1 word: Money...

That does look nice. Where would it have been?

I've heard that after the 2010 Olympics, BC Place is done ...

McMahon is a fine stadium, I see no need for a new one. I keep hearing Taylor Field is "rickety". But it's all about money ... it's just too hard to come up with that much.

And the Ottawa fans weren't the problem ... the owners were.

They wanted to relocate Regina's rail lines that run parallell(sp?) to Tyalor Field about 15 to 20 yrs ago, and even then it would have cost somewhere around $71 million to do that, and there a big controversy about where the rail lines would run. If a new Stadium for the Riders was to be built , they would have to find a totally different location for it. It would be damn expensive as well, so Im not sure where they would come up with the money for it. Its almost impossible to expand Taylor Field where it sits now.

the argos should build a new stadium in mississauga, or close to woodbine racetrack, there is plenty of land there, plus the argos practice and have their headquarters in mississauga.

The ti-cats need to stop being cheap, and combien with mcmaster to expand the new stadium at mac and share it with the school.

ottawa just needs to go away, they are the ugly step-child that wastes their opporutinities.

Regina should just build a a new stadium with all that cash they saved by being cheap for many years and refusing to sign high profile expensive free agents.

BC lions should jump aboard that new soccer stadium in vancouver and chip in money to make it suitable for cfl football.