New Stadium

The new stadium planners could shape the seats on one end of stadium in the shape of the province . It could look like the Seahawks "hawks nest" but shaped like Saskatchewan . That would make the stadium cool and unique

can someone provide me with a link as to the width of the present seats and the new seats ?

isn't it bench seating right now? I didn't think they had actual seats

existing are mainly bench seats,
general 20"
club 22"
suite 24"

I believe the existing benches permit right around that as well

if general bench seating permits 20" per seat what will the new Stadium seats with armrests and cup holders require ?
for example, if the new seats are 24" wide which is 20% wider that the existing 20" bench seating, and your existing bench seat is on the goal line, your new stadium seat with all season ticket holders retaining their existing seat will be 33ft or 10.1yds into the end zone.
4" does not sound like a lot per individual seat but 20% compounded over 55yds that comes to a huge move the farther away from centre field you go.