New stadium

I was watching the fabulous bomber show yesterday and they were talking to bauer about the stadium he said that they are still looking at the 3 possible locations but there are pros and cons of the 3 and the city is talking privatly with some of the players about it.

are they still going with the design they had a few months ago?

im not sure but I heard they still want the hotels with it.I hope they stay with the design most likely they will

I still think the best location would be Red River Ex park. Just not downtown.

It seems that building stadiums and arenas downtown seems to be a trend. Here in my city(Moose Jaw), we are also debating where to put a new arena. It will be a multiplex, with a curling rink and soccer fields. There is a possibility of putting the new one beside the old one, and tearing that monstrosity down. It looks like it might go downtown, and I talked with an alderman here yesterday, and although im still not convinced its the right place to put a new building, there are some pros to along with cons. You need to look at where they might put a new stadium, and how difficult or easy access to it might be, and if it will revitalize the area in which it will be built.

If we get a new stadium it should definitely be in the city. If they could find a spot downtown that would be great. A new stadium should improve the city and draw people in rather than having it somewhere like the Ex grounds. Thats why MTS Centre has such a great location.....I too like the old design with the hotel and i hope they keep it.


Downtown would be the best location for the city

I don't care where, as long as they build that Stadium the way they had it in the pics (the mini Big O design), and that the seatting capasity will be 30,000+ and expanded to 40,000+ for GC time.

Downtown would be good as it is central to all of the city pretty much, though if they want to add a big hotel and such they will need more room, downtown is already crowded, plus parking is horrible. I'm sure there is better suited locations than the Ex grounds, but space wise it is a good choice. Or they could scrap the whole waverly west development and build the stadium somewhere there or on McGillivray, lots of open land there. Just my opinion though, but I don't agree with downtown.

they said the 3 locations were ex grounds,Packers site and headingley mcgillvary im not sure what its called

I wonder if there is enough room in the spot where the old arena was. That would be a great location and the old stadium lot could be used for parking or something. Too bad they sold the arena space for more shopping centres (which is completely unessecary). That spot would have been ideal...especially since i live about twenty minutes walking distance from there. :smiley:

only reason that i would want it at the packers site is cause i live 5 minutes from there

couldnt they just tear down the stadium and build it there? I guess there wouldnt be enough time between seasons for that.