New Stadium

Where would you prefer a new Stadium for the Argos?

Varisty- Which I think would make a great place. 30,000 seats and good location

BMO Field- Need to increase capacity and the Stadium is more of a cookie cutter

Rogers Centre- Lets just stay where they are.

And of course you had to leave off sharing Hamilton's stadium temporarily (45 minutes away) while a stadium gets rebuilt in Toronto.

If I were an investor in Toronto Football, Inc. I'd insist on someone else picking up the tab on poor fan support or I'm looking to move the team to Hamilton (temporarily) or Moncton permanently.

varsity or the BMO field site would have been great locations for a 30,000 seat IGF look-alike. sadly, those sites wont work now.
that view of the famous toronto skyline beyond the endzone would be perfect and would make a new stadium a special one that fans would love to visit again and again.
i'm not sure what other locations could give you that option?

I think if Toronto gets a new stadium it will be small not any where near 30,000 my guess is 18,000-20,000.

Once Tfc folds BMO Stadium will be the Argos to do what ever they want with it !! :thup:

I don't think they will fold but maybe they go to the Nasl or Usl.

This is a pipe dream that many are still holding onto. BMO will never be converted into a CFL stadium. TFC will not be folding anytime soon the MLSE can easily afford an MLS team with all of the revenue generated by the Leafs. The highest quality of natural turf was put into BMO to keep Canada's National soccer teams in Toronto and not jump ship to Montreal at Saputo Stadium which was the best soccer surface in Canada before the change.

The Varsity Stadium ship has sailed a long time ago. The University did not want a huge on Campus stadium for the useof a CFL team. They got a standard sized CIS capacity stadium to go along with its multi purpose use for other University sports; soccer, track, etc.; Also wanted a venue that would fit the campus for use of the entire U of T community to use

You got it. I think it will be a little bigger along the lines of Pan AM and Landsdowne.
The government at any level has no interest in investing anymore money into a new stadium in the GTA.
It would need to come completely from private funding with some possible league help.
It will only come to be if they are ever kicked out of RC for the reason of a natural grass surface which is still just talk as well. The Blue Jays are all in for a grass surface but the Blue Jays do not run Rogers center although they are owned by one in the same.
Sky dome was bought from Toronto by Rogers so the City can unload the cost of maintaining the venue every year. Rogers bought it for a bag of beans because of this and in order for RC to generate the revenue needed to miantain the cost each year it needs to be used as a multi purpose venue for a variety of sports and entertainment events which would be much limited with Natural grass and the inability to be able to transform the venue into different configurations during the long baseball season as well as the fear of tearing up the field and the maintance cost for a natural turf field on a venue that is enclosed first and open second could be astronomical.
My 2 cents on the subject. So suck it up play in RC.
The Blue Jays opened their mouths before checking with the main Rogers headquarters.

anyone who thinks TFC will go away, thinks so because they don’t feel MLS as a league will last.

a good way to gauge the health of a league is looking at which way it’s attendance and tv revenues are going;
MLS as a whole has seen it’s attendance drop on average by 7% every year. TV revenues are almost non-existant and getting smaller over time. only a small number of MLS teams make money. many feel it is a ponzi-scheme that will eventually collapse, leaving TFC without a league to play in. a league cannot continue to opperate with only 4 teams being profitable.

as noted above, they could then move to NASL. so i don’t know if TFC completely folding is a realistic prediction, but who knows? TFC’s tv ratings are in the toilet, thus hurting it’s tv revenues. they average 18,000 in a 22,000 seat stadium ( looks far less than that on tv ). if MLS were to fold, that could be an instant death blow to TFC, or a move to NASL could lead in a prolonged death.

or, MLS could continue without future problems and TFC could remain viable.

only time will tell which is right.

The MLS is pushing two decades of existance and continues to keep up with the times and adapt to what is going on around them. First the Beckham Cue to LA brought the MLS into the spotlight, then the bukiding of the cool soccer specific stadiums, and now the 100 million dollar expansion fee for a team to play in NY City and being owned by two sports franchises that do not need to make money on this, the Yankees and Manchester City, but will use it as an extension to promote their franchises into different markets. The Yankees now being part of Porfessional soccer with a partner such as Man City will look to expand their market into Europe while Man City will look to connect its market with NY City and the US of A.
Certainly 100 million is an outrageous amount to pay for an MLS franchise but for these two organization's they are not going to invest in something that will fail so spotting the MLS 100 million to inject the league with a huge revenue boost was well worth it.
Much like TFC is really an extension to promote the MLSE Brand and can afford to lose whatever with TFC because it pales in comparison to what the Leafs make.

These kind of deals are exactly why people compare MLS to a ponzi scheme.

I get that but for ownership groups looking to add another team to their organization the MLS is good investment. two NFL owners have teams in Seattle and New England to fill dates at their stadiums using the lower bowl. MLSE has a team as we know, Mexico pro soccer league owns a team in the MLS, the Yankees and Man City now do, and the OSEG is looking to do the same so the MLS must have its merits because looking at these ownership groups they are big time very wealthy groups and the OSEG is looking to be one of those groups.

When an MLS team can be had for $40M, and Beckham was offered one for $25M, why would the yankees and man city voluntary offer $100M?
It doesn't make sense.
If i were selling something on kijiji for $10, no one will call and offer $100.

The only way an MLS owner makes any money, is, by the selling of new MLS teams. Then the fee is divided by the current owners. Sounds exactly like a ponzi scheme to me.

IIRC, Cohon recently stated that a CFL standard facility should house a minimum of 24,000 seats, thus an 18,000-20,000 venue is likely for naught.

24,000-26,000 seaters without endzone seats are the way to go, i suppose.
make a stadium exactly like IGF but don't install the seats in the endzones.
once you grow the demand, you install endzone seats and bring capacity up to 30,00-33,000 without having to alter anything.
then you have IGF exactly, which is still expandable to 40,000ish.

That is a logical way to go. to take it a step further build the stadium with a capacity of about 25K between the two sideline grand stands and already have the temp seats to match like in Moncton where they are stored nearby and can be installed rather quickly if needed. When Moncton has to go to the end zone seats for a FIFA soccer match or TD Atlantic it looks pretty professional and do not even look like they are temp seats.
If you really want to go upper class temp seats the seats that were placed in the end zones at Mosaic Look great. If you go to the Riders site on here and go to the Grey Cup Legacy video those end zone seats can be moved out by whole sections and re installed the same way very cool. They are theatre style seating, not bleachers and each section comes with its own mini Suite at the top. Very cool

People are still voting for Varsity or BMO even though the Argos Management themselves have already stated that they are not options anymore.
Varsity especially is University owned and have already made their stance clear that they do not want a big stadium on campus. The small 5K CIS sized stadium fits onto the campus nicely.

Only in TO would they have a poll that suggest two options that are completely out of the question.

  1. Varsity cannot be expanded. You would have to demo both the new annex building and closed Devonshire Pl and the buildings behind it. Not going to happen.

  2. BMO is owned by MLSE and they have made it very clear they want nothing to do with the Argos. It's also not large enough to accommodate a CFL field and there is no way they are going to let the Argos ruin the pitch.

  3. The Roger Centre is getting pressure by MLB to install grass. If that happens, they aren't going to let the Argos ruin the field. It's also the bloody morgue.

  4. Is the only choice, and my recommendation for it is Lamport Stadium. It appears to be a big enough parcel of land, it's right next to the exhibition GO station and EP's parking, there are businesses nearby that would benefit so getting civic money might be possible.

I am not from Toronto but I have also looked at locations and finding a sight where a field already exists and has parking already there for events makes it cost efficient. They also just laid a new field surface there and although they would need to lay another the base for laying a new field surface is already in place so already you have two cost cutting measures that do not cheapen the stadium.
With the field looking to need to be wider I am not sure if one of the grandstand sections could be kept if the structure is good and relpace with modern seats as well as building a second level or extending it as we have seen at other stadiums for both the CFL and the MLS