New Stadium

I just heard the Winnipeg is paying $190 million for their new stadium, and it looks fantastic!

Hope ours will be as nice, anyone know what we are paying? what Winnipegs stadium will hold?
I really like the bowl shape.

It's all in the long stadium thread that already exists.

Might want to start reading about here (page 685): viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55543&start=10260

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Stadium Facts
Total seating capacity is 33,500 seats, with the ability for the new stadium to expand to 40,000 for major events, including Grey Cup and other major international events and concerts.
The stadium has a sunken bowl design, where the playing field dips into the ground 25 feet below the main concourse.
Two 30-feet high by 110-feet wide video boards - one behind each end zone.
Over 250 video monitors throughout the stadium.
There will be six elevators.
There will be 28 washrooms - which is 50% more than in the current stadium.
All washrooms will be wheelchair accessible.
The new stadium will be smoke-free.
All of our seats will have additional leg room compared to the current stadium - approximately 100% more legroom.
All seats will be outfitted with cup holders.
All stairways and aisles will have handrails for safety and ease of use.
There will be a 4,000-square foot feature retail store that will be open year-round.

Stadium Facts [b]Total seating capacity is 33,500 seats[/b], with the ability for the new stadium to expand to 40,000 for major events,
33,500 seats??

Is that a typo?

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It's difficult to disseminate all these figures thrown about, especially with so many incongruities. :?

That’s Winnipeg’s stadium, not Hamilton’s.

oh, right....(I suffer from Cranial Deficiency Syndrome) :expressionless:

Wow!!! 33,500 seats? I hope they're not being too ambitious with this. I'd hate the stadium to look like the Rogers Centre, ie. half empty for most games.

An Argo-Cat fan

They’ve sold out almost every game this season.

Lets not forget that the Bummers are financing $85M towards the stadium.
That means to service say a $70M loan at 5% over 40 year term would amout to payments of about $4M/yr.
This means the first $4M in profit goes to the banks.
This is on a franchise that has barely broken even or lost money almost every year for a long time.
Don’t get me wrong I am happy they are building a new stadium, it is great for our league.
A very lucrative Television contract will be coming soon from TSN because of the excellent ratings they are getting which will help all teams.

[url=] ... ion-plans/[/url]
Revenue streams will be attributed to four main areas, including corporate and premium seating, with a planned attendance increase and a 5,000-stall parking lot to handle fan traffic.

Secondly, the club plans to rely on primary and secondary naming rights and corporate sponsorship to boost revenues.

The rumoured facility fee will also be implemented, costing fans an additional $6 per ticket. The fee comes above and beyond the already implemented 10% entertainment tax. Both are expected to bring in $2.5 million annually.

The club will also use concessions, merchandise and signage as another stream in paying back the hefty provincial loan over 44 years.

The team needs to generate at least $4 million a year for an annual payment on the loan, which will be paid back with interest totalling $176 million.

Ticket prices are expected to increase by five to 10 percent by the time the team moves to the U of M in June of 2012.

A very lucrative Television contract will be coming soon from TSN because of the excellent ratings they are getting which will help all teams.
I wouldn't count on a "lucrative" TV contract, TSN is the only bidder. It's not like the NFL with Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS all willing to pay Billions and battle each other to broadcast games. Even in Canada we have TSN, Global and CTV trying to get NFL broadcast rights. TSN will be paying more but it won't make teams rich, also with a 9 team league that's another team to split the revenue.

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It will take a big bite out of their operating budget but it sounds like it can work.

Mike M the Television contract I noted was from the interview with Tiger-Cats team president Scott Mitchell who said

"The break-even point for most CFL teams is believed to be about $15 million in total annual income. With recent huge increases in TV viewership, broadcast revenues are expected to double or triple in the next couple of years, taking a big bite out of the $5 million income required beyond ticket sales."

[url=] ... -questions[/url]

I think the CBC was an unsuccessful bidder on the current TV contract. Other networks may have bid as well. TSN was the favoured winner as they stuck with the league in their lean years, but the colour of money sometimes does colour loyalties as well. If someone waved a chunk of change in Cohon's face I think he would take it. We won't know until the current contract expires, which will be (duh I don't know).

IIRC, the end of next season.

Umm, CFL again on CBC… that would be us (yes, you and me) subsidising/paying for the “priviledge” of CBC coverage. Next time, don’t vote Liberal.

33,500 seats in Winterpeg new stadium?

Wow, as a Hamiltonian & Southern Ontarian I feel a little ousted. How many people live in Winterpeg & surrounding area?
How many people live in Southern Ontario & "The Great Hamilton Region" and we're banking on shrinking our stadium capacity.

Do we cry now or later? :cry: