New Stadium

I was wondering if there has been any information leaked out or any news lately about the new stadium that was proposed months ago.

I think the issue might be dead. Most people I talked to thought the idea of Headingly was just too far to go. The Aspers have the forks sewn up for Izzie's museum and there are no other sights with decent road access. Better to build a new facility in stages on the current sight I say.

Hey i know the owners of Canad Inns Very well and this whole project is far from dead. Infact discussions are underway and there are things being decided upon like should we make the entire stadium totally enclosed or not! So not to worry infact they are really shooting for completion sometime around 2010! :smiley:

if winnipeg makes an entirely enclosed stadium the attendence numbers will be high for the first season and then dropoff to a level only experienced with reinbold on the sidelines. think of your target audience. winnipeg football fans do not want to sit inside. they endure 8 months of hibernation every winter and need to see the sun when they can. the best turnouts are always when the sunis shining. the sun never shines in a dome. a dome would be much worse than staying in the present stadium. the plan they had shown earlier looked impressive. something new and functional. wind would be minimized but the game is still played with the elements. I would support that plan whole heartedly but a dome... never.

and sixis, if you know people in charge of planning. give their head a shot everytime the words dome, or completely enclosed come up. for the good of the team.

Hey sixis
Any word on location? Not (moan) Headingly I hope.

What I would like to see is the best of both worlds.....and a retractable roof is the only good solution. It makes purists happy in the summer but allows the facility year round use for any other events. Also, having the option to close it for later games would bring out more people in late October, early November without having to worry about freezing to death. DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE! I love being outside but a lot of people don't or can't be and so it makes sense in our climate to at least have the option. I would be a little disappointed if it was only another outside venue.
C'MON!! Let's do it right with a domed stadium that we can take the roof off!!!

:D :mrgreen:

to answer some peoples questions. Right now the stadium is going to turn out how it was prjected in the pictures but i know some investors are pushing for a roof or maybe a retractable. I wouldnt count on it though its more like a “Come onnnnn” tactic, more of an idea. Another thing is the proposed site is going to be the ex grounds by the Assiniboine downs, (yeah i have been naggin them about that nonstop too! Way too far i think) but They seem to think that winnipeggers are determined and wont stress for the distance. Everytime i talk to him about it he says “no no its a great location” and i assume he knows what hes doing better then i do so yeah.

(By the way “Him or Them” is reffering to some Canad in owners and C.E.O’s that i know very well)

I think if they are gonna build a stadium an enclosed stadium or a retrctable roof is the only way to go. Let’s face it these last few years we really havent had a summer here in winnipeg its been nothing but rain and even snow. Thats why attendance was down last year, who wants to sit outside in the rain or freeze. It’s a waste of money if its done with no roof

whatever happened to the tough Canuck......I remember sitting in the freezing rain and snow at WPG. stadium (no I didn't walk there from the North-end in 5 foot drifts.) and sure enjoyed some great football. I almost froze my cajones off a few times but always had my little flask with a little anti-freeze to warm up a bit. People are getting too spoiled.....however times change and I bet alot of WIINNIPEGERS would like to get out of the elements and enjoy our great game. Hope the new stadium goes through and is a success. :lol:

if there is going to be a roof, it has to be a retractable roof. i love going to a game on a sunny summer day. theres nothing like it.
sixis=any idea of when this project may become official??

you can cover the stands while leaving the field oncovered. i believe that was the idea in the previously proposed plan. sure the rows right on the field may be at risk of mooisture but you can chose the seats you want and some eople would want those. for the rest sit a few rows back and watch them get wet. and if it is cold. but a parka.

I've been a loyal Bomber fan for as long as I can remember and I will say this without hesitation: If the Bombers build a new stadium out near the racetrack I will never, repeat NEVER buy tickets let alone get season tickets for the Bombers again. This might go for the dozen or so friends that are like me. I live in the east side of the city and would need to literally travel the whole distance of the city to go there. I will not do this to go to the racetrack though I like horse racing and if the Bombers want to move out there they will loose my business and deplete by support in favour of some crappy, tacky casino.

Whomever knows the CanadInns owners can hear my vote on this one!

that doesnt sound very loyal to me at all. i am also a die hard loyal fan of the blue and gold and i will also have to travel the entire city to get to the stadium. but c´mon!! thats only like 30 minutes on the perimeter and its for the bombers. i travel 5 hours to regina every labour day to watch one game. i think i can manage 30 minutes.

I drive 2 hours to Regina and 2 back to watch Rider home games, I know there are many in the province that have longer drives than that but I can guarentee you that every second of that drive is worth it to see the riders play some ball.

I'm a die hard loyal Blue Bombers fan and I live on the far east side of the city. I hate the fact the new stadium could be on the far west, I think it should be north of the city myself, right near the Red river. Just north of the Perimeter. But, I will drive to the games if it is near the Ex grounds. I am a loyal fan and will drive wherever to watch a Bomber game. However, that doesn't mean I like the idea of it being on the Ex grounds.

It's so ugly in that area too. Make it somewhere nice.

Personally I think the idea of building a stadium west of town is a bad idea for the following reasons: 1) As was previously mentioned, what about the Bomber fans on the east side of town? Never mind the east side, what about the south and north sides? It seems to me that the only Bomber fans this benefits are the ones living in St. James and Charleswood. Everyone else will have to trek at least a half hour there and back around the perimeter for every Bomber home game.
2) Putting a team west of the perimeter will require virtually all in attendance to drive and park on site. What about the poorer true blue fans like students and those of a lower socio-economic class that require use of transit for getting to games?
3) This city has done nothing but harp on how it needs to revitalize it's down town for the past however many years, and if the many derelict down town buildings north of Portage were demolished and replaced with a state of the art 30 000 seat stadium, CanadInns Hotel, events center, and water park, I can't help but think that it would do wonders for the long teerm health and integrity of Winnipeg's down town. Think about it, it would be in the center of town, having a central locality, and if you put a stadium there all kinds of bars and pubs would undoubtedly spring up in the Exchange with the MTS and a new stadium and the other facilities listed above in such close proximity. To me, the proposition of a stadium at Perimeter West appears as a blatant contradiction to what the people running this city have been trying to accomplish for many years now. But unfortunatley, they probably will go ahead with the stadium at Perimeter West because every investment in this town is ugly and moneydriven.

New stadium should cover the fans only, this seems the way they are going of late in new stadiums. As far as the negative talk on Headingly, Really when in your auto an extra 5 min.on the perimeter or where.... takes you a long way. Land is cheap out there and would a state of the art Stadium. With loads of parking and soon to be a large Casino next door.

If anywhere in Canada requires a roofed stadium it's Winnipeg.

I think I only saw one game last year on that field where the weather was actually decent!

some of you guys are idiots, winnipeg wont get a new stadium..THEY DONT NEED ONE, whats wrong with can ad inns stadium??? answer that one for me. its a perfect football stadium, lots of history( not as much as taylor field ) but seriously that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, and in headingly? what a joke