New Stadium

Good article in today's spec re: new stadium

Looks like they have a display somewhere, does anyone know where this is and if it's open to the public?

Heard from a friend that heard from a city person the the games are coming here for sure.

Don't know how much value I put on such hearsay, but it's nice to hear either way.

It sure as hell must look a lot different then the artist renderings I've seen. If that's what gets you awards, then call me an architect. Maybe I overlooked something, but two sides of bleachers facing each other from opposite sides of the field didn't cause me to gasp in awe at this magnificent ode to athletics that would be mentioned in the same breath as Wrigley Field.

If there was anything, any tiny little nugget that gave this place a bit of character and charisma -- something that gave it some instant heritage, I'd be jumping for joy. The bricks of an old building, a retro-ish facade, something that said a 130 year old team makes its home here would be really cool. Or, even if it looked like the sightlines would be decent -- even a hint that there would be retractable seating so we could carry on the tradition of being right on top of the players.

While I love the location of the proposed stadium, what I've seen so far seems to scream "BMO Field II" -- only with slightly more bolts and aluminum. With the necessary plastic and greyish poured concrete.

Man, I love the ol' Ivor Wynne!!

It's good to see that they are talking about a 365 day a year usage, that makes sense to put a dome on it.
25,000 seats is a good number too. Only problem is that the stadium will be built for Athletics and that means a track running all around.

He didn't win the awards for the Hamilton stadium. The games have not even been awarded yet, so it might not be built.

From the article, "The man who designed Hamilton's proposed Pan Am stadium is behind two major awards for the Vancouver Olympics speedskating facility.

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And I'm with you 100% on the "instant heritage' sentiment. Any little touch would go along way.

If we get the games, the stadium will be tweaked for this and that and besides, the article mentions the details aren’t there in the model. Relax.
Hmmmm, BMO must be crap, there’s 15,000 people on a waiting list to get inside every game and for soccer, yup soccer. That tells me that stadium, while I’ve never been to it, surely can’t be all that bad for crying out friggin loud.

Well, I'm sure people have flocked to worse. The Pontiac Silverdome comes to mind. BMO also has the fortunate/ unfortunate position of being down the list of civic landmarks in Toronto. The ACC is what Torontonians would see as a reflection -- and, with varying opinions, the Skydome as well. Our stadium will be a bit more of a centre-peice.

I also wouldn't mind borrowing a little of the foresight found in the culture of our allies on the grand river -- maybe not 7 generations of foresight, but some. BMO fills the bill for now -- but in 30 years, is that place going to be looked upon with pride? Is its lifespan even 30 years?

I know budget is always an issue. But it would be nice if we could do it right the first time and then be able to enjoy it over the long haul. Obviously the first priority is the longevity of the Ticats -- so, somewhere these two points must meet. And really, as much as I love Ivor Wynne, Wrigley, Fenway, Maple Leaf Gardens, Chicago Stadium etc., and now places like Cameden Yards, John Labatt Centre, .. it sure doesn't look like anyone had to break the bank to add a few pleasing aesthetics here and there.

Good read slo. And do something like London did for TD Waterhouse stadium, for x number of dollars, you got a brick with your name engraved for a walkway in the stadium. Here we could do something like a plaque or plaques indicating historical Tiger-Cats/Hamilton events and your name gets etched in the bottom corner of the plaque, something like that.

LoL they're offering soccer in a city full of Italians Portuguese, Polish etc. BMO field could have standing room only or spiked seats and they'll sell out. They should have built it for at least 22,000, IMO. Soccer sells incredibly well in places with European or South American communities.

They've managed demand very well. Not so sure the MLS is something that will stand the test of time. TV ratings are microscopic here and attendance is down across the league. Collapsing in IHL fashion has to be a worry.

But, I am wondering whether Euro leagues would accept a couple North American entrants.

Maybe the problem in Hamilton right now is the lack of a decent stadium. The faithful few love it, but there must be some reason why the Ticats even playing exciting football just can't get more than 20k average in an area of 6 million people. With a new stadium in a better location maybe people will come out to games.
Are fans from Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener, Guelph driving to IWS?
I think people are staying away in droves, they don't want to drive to that area of the city sit in uncomfortable wooden benches, they would rather watch on TV.
A shiny new stadium in an attractive area with comfortable seats will bring in more fans.

Soccer would sell in Hamilton too at a new venue

I think so as well jaybird. I hope so. Hamilton is a great city for hiking, cycling, entertainment location being close to Buffalo and Toronto and the Great Lakes etc. but still suffers from a bad image and IWS being shown on national TV doesn’t do the city’s image any good. At least TSN does show shots of the water during games. As you say, us diehards are fine with the stadium but people where I work here in Hamilton laugh when I tell them I go to IWS to watch TiCats, they think the area is a total dump and the houses covered with an inch of soot every morning from being close to the steel factories. Operative words “they think”, some live in Grimsby and Burlington and just work in Hamilton and get out of town quick after work, they know shiiiite about the city. Man I despise these people. But hey, image and location go hand in hand I’m afraid.

So right Earl, there's a heavy snob factor against Hamilton even by Hamiltonians who refuse to go downtown because of ignorance.

That's definitely starting to change. I had people, who I know would have previously held questionable views of our downtown, talking about going down to the art crawl. That sort of stuff would've been ignored by many before.
It takes time, but things are going in the right direction. That's why, I think a downtown stadium would meet virtually every criteria for a solid location -- accessibility included. (But, don't really want to reopen that thread.)

I don't forward to the Day IWS is gone for new Stadium with bad Sightlines
Higher tickets prices and maybe a Seat Licence..

Just because the seating may not be as close as it is in IWS, doens't mean it'll have bad sightlines.

Ticket prices rise at IWS, too.

Why are you mentioning a seat license? Have the Ti-Cats or city officials discussed this? hit the nail right on the head with your thoughts on keeping some history in the design.

It may happen. Keep mentioning it! I've seen some great ideas in this thread. :thup:

I would like to mention though, that having sat in Silverdome in Pontiac many times for football games, it had great sightlines that rivaled Ivor Wynne.

Mind you it is/was a dome and pretty plain on the outside, it was a great stadium for watching football. AND LOUD TOO! :wink:

Hey Jaybird, count me as someone who drives in from Burlington for the games and loves the stadium. I would also like a newer one. It's the team more than the stadium even with all of its great character.

Why are you surprised? Onknight would complain if he won the lottery... He would probably report the OLG to the BBB...

...Well that's pretty presumptuous! There's ALWAYS a cost to improvement.
How can you say that prior to this even being built? Why we can all appreciate IWS for what it is, it is old and a new stadium is something for Hamilton to embrace.......course I'll say 90% of Hamiltonians will complain because they're so stuck in the '70's it's sickening. Just another reason as to why when I moved back closer to Hammer town, I stopped prior to entering "The City of" ......