New Stadium

Tomorrow'ss visit should rekindle the debate. I for one am opposed to the proposed stadium but would be willing to change my mind if I knew the track will be removed and the field completely replaced after the games and moved nearly as close to the stands as IWS with a steeper more football friendly set of stands on the opposite side
BTW 2 votes per person

I cannot participate in the poll without knowing any actual costs.

Knowing the actual cost would be my only determinant.

I'd lean towards option #2, but I don't think that option is at all likely.

Yup, who wants a track and get the Bolt's here or god forbid, have a stadium like Molson Percival in Montreal the Als fans hate to death, my goodness, here in state-of-the-art Hamilton we wouldn't want that, for sure. Let's just keep doing it the same way at Balsam, the team has never had problems attracting fans in the past to this magnificent stadium that has outlasted Maple Leaf Gardens even! :lol:

Oops, forgot, anyone want a splinter from the seats that I have here in my shorts as a memento of one of my last trips to the IWS Shrine? :lol:

We haven't had a new stadium in 80 years. I think its our time.

We build a hockey rink in the early 80s without a major tennant.

Are there other things that the money could go towards? Yes there is but I'm sorry, we have waited too damn long for this and we deserve this.

The new stadium would be home to concerts, track and field events, Grey Cups, Vanier Cups. You put a bubble over it in the winter and you can have youth soccer to help pay for the upkeep.

Taxes go up every year so in the end does it really matter anymore?

The city is going to pay a whack of cash to fix up Copps if we get an NHL team. We have had the Cats in this city for 140 years. We have played in 2 places, the HAAA grounds and Civic/IWS.

I really don't care what the politicians in this city want. They would have a red carpet rolled out in 2 seconds for Jimmy Ballsillie but not for Bob Young.

We are second class citizens in this city. It's our turn.

Look, IWS has great sightlines and that and I love going to the stadium for games, but if the light standard falling last winter was any indication, maybe it's time to think about a new facility for our TiCats in a more showcase part of town, if it can be done, if it can't well, so be it. But a track does not have to be a bad thing, it makes it more multipurpose and right now with a guy like Bolt, well, this could be a good thing.

Donavin Bailey couldn't create a market for track in Canada. What makes you think an foreigner can? After the games the track won't be used. Ask Edmontonians about it

Why does item 4 start with "No" even though it also entails a tax increase?

And what basis is there to believe that a "modest" increase would be enough extend IWS useful life beyond the useful life of any proposed new stadium?

I love going to games at IWS, but the worst case scenario from a Ticat fan's perspective would be for us to miss this window of opportunity for a new stadium, and say 10 or 20 years later have IWS reach a state where it cannot be sustained in useful condition without drastic and expensive intervention, with the Cats left homeless while such work is done (assuming Mr. Young or others even raise the required funds at that time).

On second thought, I suppose the absolute worst case would be for IWS to reach a state where it would not be feasible to repair or renovate it, but for it to become necessary to essentially demolish and rebuild it. In that scenario there is also no guarantee that the qualities we cherish about the current incarnation would be re-established.

As I have Allways Said Fix the old Girl

What you stated re the stadium, I agree. The politics? Well, I'll leave that to folks who live in Hamiton. Bread and circuses. Sewers or stadia?

A new stadium would provide additional impetus for future Grey Cup bids or the city. IWS means that Hamilton hosts the Grey Cup every 25 years if that. A new stadium would have more scope to being a multi-purpose facility than IWS. For the team, it's an issue of maximizing revenue streams and the current set-up doesn't accomplish that from its standpoint.

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8) You're not talking about your Rottweiler there, are you Tom ?????????? :lol: :lol: :wink:

Nope But That I've always seen IWS as like our Arrowhead .. that why I want to keep playing there
no other field can Match IWS for Game atmosphere

Well, someone had better make a decision soon because our field-turf is already past due for replacing....

I say go with a new stadium and get it financed elsewhere.......the Hamilton tax-payers are not going to keep footing the bill for repairs on a crumbling stadium (lucky that the light standard didn't fall into Sec. 30 during a football game......dozens would have been killed).

We keep having "100 year storms" about once a week and the storm sewer problem needs to be addressed first. Those stupid catchment ponds in those new developments on the mountain only work if they are empty in the first place.......they are all full to the brim all the time now so they are pretty much ineffective.

The whole city down below needs much larger storm's like trying to force all the water coming out of a garden hose (above the mountain) into a drinking straw (below the mountain)......

[quote="deerhunter"]Well, someone had better make a decision soon because our field-turf is already past due for replacing....

8) It can't be past due already for replacement. I thought it was only installed 5 or 6 years ago.
  The way time flies by these days, I might be wrong, but I'm certain it is not older than 7 years at 
  most  !!!!

The AstroPlay field was installed in IWS in 2002.

This little tidbit:

"The warranty for NeXturf and AstroPlay is eight years, but the products are expected to last 10-11 years. AstroTurf has a life expectancy of 10-15 years."

[url=] ... a094159121[/url]

I've heard that seven years is when people can start clearing their throats and begin to discuss when field replacement should occur. Hopefully the Cats will have a new facility to move into with a new surface, making a IWS field replacement a non-issue for the team moving ahead.

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I guess you missed it this summer when he ran in toronto this summer at the university stadium track.. it rained.. people still paid ridiculous prices to sit and even STAND to watch it? It was a freaking event, and it was just for fun.. not even a competition!

Doesn't matter if they have attendance for one event. Will people show up without him? History suggests strongly that like the Bailey effect the Bolt effect is only temporary. You actually are strengthening my argument

I have to agree. I was at the Festival of Excellence and enjoyed the event immensely. Bolt was a definite drawing card but having the Lopes-Schliep - Felicien show down and watching Bryan Clay in a few events were important as well. But even with that, there were still were empty seats. If you want a new stadium in Hamilton, this is the only way it is likely to happen so a track is necessary. But after the games there is no way you are going to fill a 30K stadium for a T & F meet. I wish we could but the reality says otherwise. The stadium needs to be reconfigured after to suit the needs of what will be the prime tenant and that is the Tiger Cats and that means no track. The perfect T & F stadium for this country is exactly what the have in Toronto with Varsity Stadium (minus the plastic grass) or in Ottawa with the Terry Fox Athletic Centre. Something like the latter might be a good fit in the old IWS site.

I guess I have to agree mainly, that's what Atlanta did and the Braves have, what I understand, a very good stadium, so it would be even easier with track and football.

But part of me likes to keep a track to keep that possibility of track and also supporting what I think is a great sport, track in it's own right, even though I agree it isn't in North America exactly a big spectator sport by any means. Difficult one here.

17 in favour of a massive tax increase, unbelievable. My guess is most of the 17 don't own their own house or own out of town
16 more sensible souls that understand the need to limit spending