New Stadium

With the increase in ticket prices the Ti-Cats are sure to lose a few thousand season ticket holders. I think crowds at the game will drop down to 18k to 22k range.
In todays spec the Caretaker says that the Tabbies are competing with teams that have much larger stadiums. Thus the team needs to make more money per seat to stay competative.
So as the attendance drops I believe you will see a push by the Ti-Cats management for a new stadium to save the franchise.

Hilarious that people still refer to him as teh Caretaker.

A push to whom for a new stadium? Who is going to pay for it?

Undertaker perhaps?

An Argo-Cat fan

Have no fear. When the new stadium appears, ticket prices will go down.

Side note, it will be quite a feat to get the province and feds to pay for a new stadium. My experience is that most building projects in the City are heavily subsidized or contingent on government funding. governments.

So wait just a second.....millions upon millions will be spent on a stadium...and that will make tickets....GO DOWN?!

I must be missing something here.

The lowly Arizona Cardinals, a team that has missed the playoffs for a much longer period than the Tiger-Cats, were saved for all intents and purposes with a new stadium that is now hosting a Super Bowl.

Parallels with what could/should/might happen here? Let's go to the games people, there's just 8 teams and 6 make the playoffs, shouldn't take too, too much upgrading. Let's pack 'em in and dream and sometimes dreams come true, I wish my odds in 649 were as good as 6 out of 8.

Stadium is cornerstone for Cardinals' new image

"A franchise long labeled a wasteland among the otherwise fertile fields of the NFL finally has a home of its own.
And this is no one-bedroom fixer-upper. This is a $465 million palace.

"Man, it's sweet," running back Edgerrin James said.

Cardinals Stadium, already voted one of the top 10 sports facilities in the world by Business Week magazine, makes its debut today when the Arizona Cardinals host the Super Bowl champion Steelers in a preseason game.

Formed as a football club in 1898 and a charter member of the NFL in 1920, the Cardinals never had a stadium of their own until now.

The silver monolith in suburban west Phoenix was designed by Peter Eisenman, the first stadium for an architect whose works include the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin and the City of Culture in Galicia, Spain.

The Arizona Cardinals' new football stadium is illuminated by sunlight passing through the translucent material of its retractable roof. The Cardinals play the Steelers today in a preseason game, the first game at the stadium.
Click photo for larger image.

A team that toiled in front of meager crowds at Sun Devil Stadium on the Arizona State University campus is suddenly the talk of the town. The Cardinals, who last played in front of a capacity crowd at home in 2001, are sold out for all eight regular-season games in the 63,000-seat facility." ...


465 Million yes Nice Stadium but we don't need it.
Trust Me When a Football Team Build new Stadium.
Prices Don't go down they go up.
You pay for all those new Luxuries

Do the Major Repairs to IWS
Rename it back to Civic Stadium
Bring the old lady back to Former Granger

As for Bob He is the owner of the Team
I've Never liked Caretaker moniker
I wish he lose it Cause I am not Buying nor is anyone else.

its true that a new stadium if nice can bring in fans. i dont go to the baltimore orioles games to watch the orioles.

I'll be honest, I think half the reason I go to TiCats games is I like the social atmosphere of being around CFL fans, it's a great night/day out. Sure, nicer if you're team is competetive but to me, that's probably not even half the reason I go to games.

Go down? You are sadly delusional.

why don't we just get corporate naming rights to repair IWS......... just kidding! or maybe the new stadium

We cannot afford the Red Hill Expressway. What makes anyone think building a new stadium when the city is teetering on bankrupcy is a good idea?

just get Mississauga to pay for it, were loeaded

Me too, Earl!

You can't take the football aspect of it too seriously.

Is that you, Hazel? said many times rebuild south stands and take the top 10 rows or so of the North Stand and build corp. boxes. Charge per box the cost of the lost seats plus a bit more. If that doesn't work call in Mike Holmes (Holmes on Holmes). He'll know what to do!