New stadium

winnipeg despretly needs a new stadium. canad inns is falling apart. like the new concept in feasibility study right now, but the stadium should be build down town if possible(or in south end so i don't have to commute so far he he he) what do you think about the stadium and future stadiums?

Definitely the convertable roof style, but I like the west end location (my end of town) but anywhere near the perimeter makes sense from a traffic flow point, can you see 50,000 people waiting for a bus after the Grey Cup game.

WEST SIDE SUCKS...OOPS Sorry pigeye.......just like to hear more of what's happening.......lots of fan fair

Football is an out door game, so any thing that confits the fans while making life hard for the players is cool.

But for now, Winnipeg Stadium will do.

The non convertable dome is out dated and the trend is to biuld convertable or open air stadioums....watched a show on the silver dome that was built when domes were the it sits empty and only host an occasional dog show.When we biuld, I think money will only allow for an open air stadium. The location of the Canad stadium is just fine where it is.....but it would be a nightmare for destruction and rebiulding plus playing football.

You need a retractable roof. Open for nice days, and closed when the mosquitos attack!

man you got that right....keep those skeeters away from the playing field...apparently along the bank of the Red the other day someone saw those varmints making off with a small dog....

Any truth to rumour that when the Bombers score a Touch down, instead of Pee Wee footballs being shot into the crowd, they shoot cans of OFF?

it could be OFF......or probably some such repellent...the fogging should start pretty soon...that always dazes those critters....and the fans ...and the...

No, there is enough "chemicals" in the stands.....deet would just kill the to speak..

downtown would be horrible. the MTS centre couldn't be in a worse location. No parking. Somewhere in the south or north-west (near the airport so it'll keep out-of-towners happy). South would be good because of lots of room with the new development but then I'd have to travel about 3x as far for a game.

down towns awesome, what are you pouring on your cheerio's? a downtown stadium would be awesome but theres absolutly no room downtown. should built it at the university of winnipeg, that would be good

or near the U of M?

where is this money comming from, to build this stadium?? this actually in the works, or just u guys talkin and hoping????

cuz if the government is kickin in the cash, then that shoulda gone to halifax's future CFL stadium

I'd like to see Halifax get their stadium before Winnipeg gets theirs. The downside of making a state of the art stadium that they are daydreaming about is where are they gonna find all the asses to sit in all those seats.

how bad is canad inn stadium?....worse than ivor wynne?

ivor wynne LOOKS really good on t.v. but in real life, it looks real worn down and

What?? No talk of grass???

We need a new opn stadium with REAL GRASS!!!!

I hate turf!

So, who likes grass??? ; )

Ummm, any narcs on here…slowly putting hand up…I used to like “grass” but they frown on 100 or more plants…