New Stadium

rumours of a new stadium are floating around, greg kerfoot (owner of the whitecaps) has connections with a company that has purchased land on Vancouvers waterfront adjacent to seabus, plans are for a soccer facility thats able to accomadate the lions in 2011...

get all the details here:

A colleague at work told me BC Place is coming down after the Olympics here.His best friend is a city engineer and told him this.Apparantly the roof will have to be replaced,at a cost thats more than its worth(not sure if I beleive this).He also mentioned that if BC Place comes down,its on 6 whole city blocks,so 6 towers min.can go up.

30,000 to 40,000 is a good range. Got to have enough seats for a future Grey Cup!

If BC Place is coming down, than 40-50 thousand. If it isn't, than 30-40 thousand.

Another consideration are all the shows that are currenlty in BC Place, we need room for them as well. Of course, this assumes we have a covered stadium, rather than open air.

i do believe that trade shows would be accomadated at the new convention centre, but i'll be damned befor they dump a crap load of dirt on top of the soccer pitch in the new stadium for monster trucks of dirtbikes, stuff like that could prolly be accomadated at the pne

another thing to note is this will be a SSS (Soccer Specific Stadium) with the bc lions as tennants, not owners. so the stadium will defenently be open air for natural grass

30 to 40 isn't enough for a gret cup.

GC needs 50+

Yes But I think Taylor Field and Canad Stadium Only got 40,000 with the temporaries that were added.

Actually TF had 55,000 capacity for 1995 and 50,000 for 2003.

Thanks MR. I didn't realize the tempory seats held that many.

open air and covered!!! i doubt there would be alot of interest in the fall when it rains and gets cold...sorry, i would go...but not most of the city...

I would have a tough decision about going to an open air game in the fall/winter. Call me a whimp, but I like the indoor games during the cold months. Now, if we had a removable roof like Toronto air in summer, closed in fall...that would ROCK!!


yup roof goes down in 2010 cuz its lived its life but i hear there gonna rebiuld the place cuz its cheaper then roof its self

if any team needs a new stadium it's winnipeg. they did renos in 99' but already it's literly falling apart.