After reading the situation in Winnipeg with their stadium it leads me to believe that it's time we talk about Ivor Wynne.

As much as I love the place and I do, it's gone way past any sort of planning for the long term.

It's literally falling apart with millions needed just to keep it in tact (specifically the south side)

I think that the city, the team and the other two levels of government start talking about options.

I think the railway lands on the west side of the harbour would be the perfect place. The clean up would spur that area and it would be a natural extension of Pier 4 and Bayfront.

I would want as much private money as possible going into it because the government shouldn't foot the entire bill.

Any thoughts?????

This has been discussed quite a bit on this site. Stadiums are very expensive.
The reality is governments aren't going to fund anything (unless you are Toronto).

The best ideas would be to share a stadium with the Argos - why not a situation like the Jets and Giants they both share the stadium way out in New Jersey.
Ticat fans could easily get to the Rogers centre from Hamilton. Good train and bus links and only about 30 miles on the QEW.

There will not be a new stadium in Hamilton. Why should there be? Just so the Ticats have a nicer place to play for $100 million. Not likely.

The Federal government won’t put up $1 unless there’s a good reason, ie Commonwealth Games, which aren’t going to Hamilton. I’m also fairly certain the provincial government won’t spend anything on a new football stadium for Hamilton for much the same reason.

Sharing a stadium with the Argos is also a ridiculous idea. First off, the Rogers Centre is a terrible place to watch football and is so chronically empty it’s like being in a concrete cavern. Second, and most importantly, it’s in Toronto not Hamilton. It’s hard to call them the “Hamilton Tiger-Cats” if they play out of Toronto.

And besides, the Argos have enough trouble drawing fans, let alone think that two CFL teams could exist in the city.

The best, and most feasible, idea for Hamilton, is to refurbish Ivor Wynne. New seats, upgraded facilities, etc… But a new stadium is not going to happen.

Good points Syphon...but City Hall has estimated that between insuring structural integrity on the south side as well as all other things needed you could be looking at over $20 million.

I say if the city is going to pay that anyway let that be there portion of a new stadium and the let the team and others sectors come up with their share.

If they can't, we stay where we are.

I agree. There comes a point in anything's life when the upkeep costs justify the need for a new item. The news appears to describe this for Ivor Wynne.

I don't think we really need the Commonwealth Game to pitch for funding a new stadium. Winnipeg's Grey Cup had $35 million of economic impact for the city. If we could have a new stadium and organize a similarly successful Grey Cups, we'd have that sort of impact on Hamilton iteratively once a decade or so.

If Winnipeg is talking about replacing an all-seater in CanadInns (most recently rennovated in 1998), we should definitely be talking about replacing an all-bleacher that stands to require $75 million in rennovations or crumble.

The Tiger-Cats depend on it.

I like the location of IWS.

It's possible to demo/rebuild the stadium one side at a time and have it all done during offseasons.

Cats go 4-14 again there will be no need for a stadium.
New or old.

I doubt if any level of gov't is going to contribute serious money for a professional team to play 10 games a year. The only possible way to justify a new stadium is through something like the Commonwealth Games, FIFA, etc. and even then I think they'd be wise to tie it in with McMaster U.

There's just no way the Cats with their 10 home dates a year can justify the cost of a new stadium. And if it were that easy to get a new facility built, Quebec City and maybe Halifax would've had their teams by now. It's also the main reason people keep talking about a return to Ottawa--the stadium is there.

An Argo fan

Yes the Cats only play 10 games. But the Commonwealth Games or FIFA tournaments are one time events albeit events that bring in alot of people with wallets...

The Grey Cup has the same effect and with a new stadium Hamilton would secure Grey Cups more often than what our current pace is.... (2 in 60 years)...

Add the increased hosting of Grey Cups to the ability to draw international soccer firendlies, moto-cross & large scale concerts I think an argument could be made for a new venue.

I definitely agree that a new stadium has to be about more than just the Tiger-Cats but that its not entirely impossible and there are events that a new venue could host where Ivor Wynne is toast.

With all due respect to "An Argo Fan", there are many reasons that the higher levels of government could and should kick in.

It would not be just a stadium. It would be the remedial cleanup of a contaminated piece of land near the waterfront.

There are government programs in place for that in both levels of government. The previous federal government committed large amounts of money for that.

If you present it as just a stadium then your right no one will fund it. But it would be much more than that. Of course, the team and the private sector would have to play a large part in it.

Barney, your response makes the most sense to me. Indeed, we need either a new or an updated stadium, but I'm sure we won't be able to count on the province or the Feds for financial support.

Our own municipal government would have to spearhead such a venture and hope to hell we get a lot of coporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsors would have to know there's something in it for them: Advertizing, and even occasional use of stadium facilities. eg. (Dofasco uses Copps Coliseum for their Christmas party)

As a fan, I'd be more than happy to see a significant rise in my taxes to help pay for such an effort; however, most people are not fans and really don't give a damn about the city having a decent stadium. What "most people" don't understand is the eventual revenue a good stadium could bring into Southern Ontario, specifically, Hamilton and it's surrounding areas.

If the stadium were built right a lot of organizations could use the facility just as they did the old CNE grandstand. (I'm sure a dome is out of the question). We need a facility with ample seating, chairs, not benches and a functional concourse under the stands. A CNE type stadium would also provide a bit of a roof overhead.

Most importantly, we need "around the stadium" parking with easy access to multiple entrances.

This doesen't have to be a pie in the sky type dream. I say it's very doable with the right kind of leadership.

The site areas suggested on this web in the past are good locations whether it be the waterfront or the escarpment.

We need some city councillor, the mayor or someone with some back bone to get the ball rolling. A guy like Roger Yachetti comes to mind because he had what it took to save the team not too long ago. I don't suggest Yachetti should be the man to carry this venture on his shoulders, especially as he gets older, but I know he'd be giving it his full support.

Tim Hortons. Ivor Wynne could be overhauled cheaper than a new stadium , plus I guess I've got used to the whole IWS location. Anyway we tie in the 100th Grey Cup in Hamilton with a new IWS ( Tim Horton Ivor Wynne Stadium )with promos leading up to the game, for full Tim Horton advertising. Plus every year they get exposure across Canada whenever a game is played in Hamilton. One last thing , it's the least they can do for a city that made them who they are. What better place to have Tim Horton's stadium than in the city where they started. 8)

I agree that it comes down to political will. I just don't think the political will to build one is there. You need motivated, politically well connected people (municipal, provincial and federal) to get public $$ for things like stadiums for privately owned teams. Sure you can host occasional events like the local high school football championships or maybe even a Vanier Cup but you can't hide the fact that it's first and foremost a TiCat facility. And then those political types have to work hand in hand with developers and businessmen with deep pockets. Can you honestly say that you see this kind of political and municipal leadership amongst the people currently on the scene? Put yourself in the shoes of a businessman with money. Why would you risk your personal millions on a stadium in Hamilton? You can get a whole lot better return on your money with a lot less risk. And if you were a politician, why would you put your political neck on the line for a stadium for a few thousand mostly male football fans?

I agree with you that there are possibilities--a joint venture with McM U, Tim Horton's, the City of Hamilton, etc. but someone has to take the initiative and get it started.

I'd love to see it happen but as things stand, it just doesn't add up. Conditions have to change significantly before the equation adds up to where it does make sense.

An Argo fan

IWS if fine just Spend the money
Fixing the holes in the walls
Upgrading the Seating
Get a Parking lot with Shuttle bus to Stadium
Your'll never get Sightlines like IWS Anywhere Else.

As much as I love going down to Ivor Wynne because of the atmoshpere around the stadium I would love to see a new stadium up on the mountain. I know it would be impossible to have one on the escarpment to still have the sitelines of what hamilton is (stelco, dofsasco) but I’m sure there is land up here somewheres that would be provide a nice stadium with lots of parking and of course tailgating. Somewhere close to the airport would be ideal. Don’t worry there is not much air traffic from this airport.
Yes it would take away the atmosphere of walking to the stadium throught the residential areas where everyone is out on there porches drinking beer and taking it all in but sometimes things change and I believe bringing the stadium up here is needed.

I'm sorry, but have you been into the brown pops? :roll:

Huh? You never said why it was needed on the mountain.

There’s planty parking and tailgating room now.

I’ve been going to Ivor Wynne for over 35 years and have never had a problem parking.

The mountain is sterile and is no place for a football stadium.

I liek IWS as is, and its current location.

If a new stadium was deemed needed then I’d prefer the much talked about waterfront location by Harbourfront park. That would go along way for providing atmosphere, showing off the city and revitalising downtown.

Which set of railway lands are we talking about?

If we're talking about the Stuart Street area, right around Pier 4, it's not about to happen. Raillink is leasing those tracks from CNR, and they're making money hand over fist shortlining railcars all the way to Strathearn. Unless you're going to demolish a bunch of buildings, there's no waterfront space; even worse, there's no roadway that could handle even 10 000 vehicles for a game. Living in the North-End, I know that the neighbourhood committee is pressing the City to make James, Burlington, and all the residential streets in that area to have a speed limit of 30 km/h, as well as designs to slow traffic thru the area even further.

IF you're going to move the home of the Ti-Cats, you're going to have to have parking. Transit is a pipedream, which works well on paper, but very few would deign to take the HSR to a game - even me, I'd rather drive or walk.

Destruction of IWS, along with reconstruction, is going to take longer than an offseason, even if the Cats had a schedule like this year's. I cannot see a new stadium being built in the stretch from Oct. 25 (or so) to June 10 (or so).

The only way Hamilton is going to get a new stadium is if Stelco, Dofasco, Tim Hortons, Fox 40, Hamilton, Ontario, and possibly Canada get involved, put down some serious coin, and share in the blame of those of us who love IWS the way it is.

Once I pay off the red hill expressway then I will think of buying a new stadium

Rheem is toast, but you're right the railway lands would likely be needed. Having been down there ( right on the railway property) you'd be surprised just how much land there is. Enough for a stadium, parking and sufficient roads.

The 64 million dollar question is how to appease the rail kings.