Read in today's WPG Free Press that a deal is almost certainly getting the go ahead, new stadium will be announced as early as next week. Premier Greg Selinger has stepped in to ensure the new home for The Bombers will be built at the UofM site, in spite of Aspers delays with Crestwin Properties.

Late on Friday Selinger, Crestwin, The City of Winnipeg, The Blue Bombers and the Federal Government have a deal hammered down, but at a scaled down stadium is likely and Construction should start this summer. Costs are unknown at this time, but the government is left with no choice because the longer the new stadium is delayed, the more expensive it be to fix up the current stadium property.

One estimate has a new price tag of 100 million, down from the original 135 million, Selinger does not want a deal like the new stadium to die on his watch, he states he needs a high profile project such as this with an election 15 months away. Asper has alot of support.

Under the new worked deal , Crestwin will be granted a seat on the Bombers board with the option that he can buy the stadium when the company secures enough tenants to get it's high end concept is being built for Asper to develop the land and until that happens the new stadium will still be built. In the interim the Bombers will remain as a community sponsored, also a non profit presided over the BOD'S.


Apparently an agreement was on the table on Friday and the agreement is going to be signed next week.


....i wonder what the scaled-down version is gonna look like....I don't like the sounds of that....IF we go cheap this could come back to haunt us in the future....In the end a new facility will be great....BUT what is going to be cut from the original proposal...?????? Someone mentioned the 'tram' that was going to expedite fans to and from the new venue???I hope we are going to get a look at the new version with the announcement next week???? :rockin:

I heard from a reliable source in the organization that the scaled version will not be much different from Asper's original plan, they are original leaving out brand name restaurants and any retail business that was planned for t he original project, with the exception of the Bomber Store. Also mentioned was not spending the money that they were going to use to make University Cres and other streets in the area that may need an extra lane. He also mentioned that only little or no changes when it comes to the stadium itself.

We will be informed and able to see the new plan in the next week after the deal is signed and sealed, the Bombers will most likely have a press conference that will be open to the public, exciting news on that front.

Oh and i guess Housedog and Sanjay can eat there words such as "we will never get a new stadium for a long time", i remember someone stating that Asper is broke and therefore he could't afford the team/stadium and so on.

Real BB fans should be excited about the new stadium, but of course some trollers and so called BB fans will find some way to knock the idea and below is a news flash for those people!! :roll:


GO BOMBERS :rockin: :cowboy:

...i hear the provincial govt. has put the push-on :thup: and upped its share for the project to 85 mill.....I hope everyone is on board with the changes and that they keep the integrity of the original plan...In any case ...good on the ndp and all concerned who finally got this ball rolling... :thup:

.......on a side note.....I hope we don't get this announcement on the morning of April 1st.....cuz i don't like to get fooled :lol:

You heard correctly papa, the Manitoba Government has upped there contributions to 85 million and the Federal Government and City of Winnipeg are also cready to commit.

Everyone is on board including The Provincial and Federal Governments and also the City of Winnipeg and cannot forget that Asper accepted his role being on the Board Of Directors until he fills at least 80% of the new mall complex where the current stadium stands.

Everyone on board have stated that Asper will be involved in ALL major decisions off the field in the mean time (consessions, Parking, sponsers and so on. It has been mentioned that Asper is in good financial standing since they sold Canwest and he should be sole owner by 2011. Either way the shovels will be hitting the ground in August, September or October and completion is estimated at the middle or near the end of the 2011 season.

Also it is rumoured that they are planning to keep Jim Bell as president and Joe Mack as Vice President and General Manager of Football Operations at least until Asper is sole owner. Russ Hodgkinson will remain as Director of football operations.

The Board of Directors will see Asper becoming chairman and they are not sure if Ken Hildahl will remain on the board, Paul Robson will remain as Vice Chairman and the rest of the BOD will pretty much be the same. They will only remain on until Asper takes over.

That's not a rumour, that's a given. Asper had input into who was hired. I can't see him firing either in the next couple of years.

Update: press conference tomorrow about the plans and according to the FP the stadium will NOT be scaled back. It sounds like the Province will be loaning money for the construction in exchange for a reduced contribution.

WINNIPEG — The province has called a 10 a.m. press conference on Wednesday at Canad Inns Stadium to confirm its plan to allow a new football stadium to rise at the University of Manitoba before David Asper’s Creswin Properties assembles the upscale mall it originally needed to fund the project.

The Selinger government, the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Football Club and Creswin have reached a deal that will see the province financing to kickstart a $135 million stadium and U of M recreation project that has been delayed due to Creswin’s inability to secure tenants at The Elms, a shopping mall planned for the current site of Canad Inns Stadium.

The former deal, announced in April 2009, involved a provincial contribution of $15 million for a new home for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Manitoba Bisons plus another $5 million to refurbish University Stadium and build a new fitness centre at the U of M. Ottawa also committed $15 million, but only for the amateur sport and fitness components.

The new deal would see the province reduce its commitment, in exchange for providing the financing necessary to build the stadium before The Elms get up and running. The city would act as insurance, should Creswin fail to assemble the retail project.

The deal would also make room for David Asper to assume control of the non-profit Winnipeg Football Club, provided Creswin succeeds in building The Elms and buys out the debt on the stadium.

He will get a seat on the Bomber board immediately.

The deal should allow construction on the stadium to begin this summer and allow the Bombers to begin playing in a new U of M stadium in time for the 2012 season.

Selinger said on Monday the old stadium was “very close to the end of its useful life” and requires $52 million over the next several years just to maintain it in its current state.

“At a certain point, you have to decide whether you’re going to put more money into the old car or get a new one,” Selinger said. “And I think the feeling is that when it comes to the stadium, it’s maybe time to move on to a new one…There’s a recognition that the existing facility will need up to $52 million of upgrades and repairs just to keep it in operation for a decade…So the question is, if we have to put more money into a stadium, does it make sense to pour it into the old one, or get on with the new one? And I think that the general feeling is that it makes sense to try to invest in a new one that will last for another 50 years and be a modern facility that people will be proud of.”

Nice going. Ottawa's city counsel can take a lesson from you guys.

Plus, our arch rival getting new digs may be the impetus SK needs to quit dithering on their stadium plans.....

.....SHOVELS IN THE GROUND THIS SUMMER... :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:'s been a long time coming but at last.... :rockin: :rockin: ....Note for sanjay and housedog.....i hope your negative stuff about the new stadium and the Bombers in general have been flushed and that we see you at the NEW STADIUM AT THE U. OF M.... :wink: We'll be playing in a facility we can all be proud of now....all we need is a team that is befitting of the place...and i believe we are well on our way to accomplish just that :thup: GoBombers :thup:

X2 ...well said, Papa... :thup:

Bridge financing... What a way to start. This is going to be a disaster. Why do they need Asper at all.

…Do i detect some sour grapes from the opposition gallery…lol…It’s okay hfxtc…your facility with it’s face-lift will be okay…maybe not as nice as our facility…but hey…you can visit with the Als…sit back and enjoy football in a brand new venue…Might even meet you there and buy you a beer… :wink: :thup: :rockin:

…Grey Cup announced by the league for the new facility in 2015…LaPo better get a move on … :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:GoBombers…

papa if you're buying, count me in !

For sure Mrs MadJack and I will travel to Winnipeg to take in a game one of these days. . . it's on our "to-do" list. And she doesn't drink beer so you don't have to buy her any. . .

When we do, as per our tradition, we'll be Bomber fans for the day. . .

As the 'unofficial' welcoming committee round these parts, you can count on a round from me and Mrs. Pigseye as well MJ. That goes for THCfx and outintwo as well, should they venture this far west. :smiley:

I'm excited for Bomber fans. Getting a new stadium is a great thing to look forward to.

....THANX ON IN'.....I hope this kicks-off a new venue for a few other cities in the CFL.....THIS CAN ONLY BE A GOOD THING.. :thup:

....this would be a great meeting.....but i doubt hfxtc would attend as the remarks made today sounded a little ...'sour grapish'.....orrrrrrr was that a note of envy creeping in.... :wink: :lol:

Well so much for the negative fans (or so called fans) saying The new stadium would never be built for years, as i recall some even said that we would not have a new stadium in there lifetime ... LOL ..... now we can just sit back and enjoy what we have all been waiting for. And i am guessing the negative so-called fans will be lining up to see a game in the new digs.

Great news all around, shovels hit the ground this summer and we will be sitting in a brand new stadium for the 2012 Season, just like the old arena (the barn) i am still going to miss certain aspects of the old stadium .... great memories, but now it's time to make new memories at the new Stadium, just as i have at the MTS Centre.


a new venue will spark great interest in the bombers, really great news. many people will go just to check out the digs and if they enjoy themselves may become longterm fans. the building alone should draw big crowds for at least the first season or two... if during the time the team is successful as well it could really go a long way for the team, and build an even stronger support for the bombers... looking forward to see it go up