New stadium, sunsets and seats

I have a question about sunsets at the new stadium, and wonder if anyone has an answer.

My season tickets were in Section 7. As I'm thinking about seat selection for the new stadium, it seems like the most comparable seats are in the east stands. However, some friends are concerned that seats in the east stands will be blinded during night games as the sun sets. Judging by the drawings of the new stadium, the west stands are higher than the east stands, so that might provide some shade.

So, the question: does anyone know how the setting sun will hit the east stands, or if the west stands were designed to offset that problem?

Just for the record, I'm inclined to get the best seats available that will keep our group together. But as our group makes plans, it would be useful to know.

I think you'll be fine for the reasons you state. The new alignment and higher height should alleviate low angled sun shine.

I asked the same question and as far as i can tell, the sun will beat right in you face, the higher you go in the stands. Depending what side the cats play on, will determine my seat location. I'm guessing they will be on opposite sides of the field and take the west side......... does anyone know?

Team benches will both be on the west side.

of course its all going to depend on the time of year. The sun will be setting at the end of June and into July in the western sky around 8:30 but then set earlier and moves southwest week by week. By september the sun will be setting in the southwest sky by 7PM so it will be behind the west stands by 5PM. For aternoon games in the fall there could be some looking into the sun in the early afternoon. At least the players won't have the sun in their eyes too much.

either or just be sure ur there

mikem....the sun sets well after 9 in late june/early july,
not sure how this effects the sight lines. Tonight the sun set
at 7:57 pm which normally would be late 1st/early 2nd quarter

Are you Fans into watching Football or Sunsets?? I live in the country, two and half hours from Hamilton and travel in to watch the Cats play in Hamilton or Guelph?

I see Sunsets all the time in the country but when I attend Tiger-Cat games my focus is on the game at hand if I want nice sunsets I stay home, there is a hue difference between watching a sunset over the forest, hills and nature and watching a smoky sunset over a Steel Mill in Hamilton!


The original poster is asking if the Sunset will be in his eyes as he tries to watch football. Secondly we do have some rather beautiful sunsets in Hamilton. As they set to the West of the Stadium no Steel Mills are involved.

Afternoon games, the sun will be blazing in your face in the east stands. Night games, not so much, but still there. Do yourself a favour, get in the west stands if the sun’s a concern.

Thanks for all the responses. With autumn nights and afternoon games thrown in as considerations, it probably means that sunsets will only be an issue for four or five games per season.

And yes -- Hamilton sunsets can be amazing. Part of the appeal of the east stands will be to enjoy the game and the light show.

For those who are interested, this website has some spectacular shots of the city in general:

If your getting seasons and are worried about the sunset than the west side is where you want, the stadium is north south, why would u want the east side if your worried about the sunset. Wheather the stands are higher or not why risk the chance. I just don't get some people.