new stadium seats vs Ivor Wynne

I hope any new stadium seats similar to I.W. I was at the Bills/Colts game in Toronto and sat in the low 500s (7th row). The seats werent bad, I could see everything fine but I felt so detached from the game. I had more fun talking and joking around with the fans in my section then actually watching the game (I think I caught ten minutes total). It really made me appreciate the seating layout of Ivor Wynne. No matter where I sit I felt like I was right on the field with teams. It will be missed :frowning: . I hope the new stadium take a page out of Ivor Wynne in that sense.

The problem with the RC for football is that the sightlines were designed with baseball in mind first and foremost and the levelling of the rows as well, not good for football. And at the time it was designed, the architect I presume didn’t have access to the technology of today to design a multipurpose stadium that would be better for both baseball and football. Even for baseball, the foul ball territory from behind the plate to just a bit past 1st and 3rd is too far away. And too bowlish of a design, again probably had to do with what they could work with at the time.

In any large football stadium there are going to be a lot of fans far away from the action!!
The smaller the stadium the more intimate and closer to the action you are going to be. Maybe if we get the 15,000 seat Pan Am stadium we are going to have some great seats close to the action and site lines.

Or maybe it was the product (No Fun League).

That was definitely a factor. I find the NFL to be a lot slower. 5 yard run, 2 yard run, 4 yard pass...continue. The score was quite high too. I think there was like 5 touch downs in the first half or something, I just never felt like I was drawn in or involved.

True enough about the NFL, great athletes but way too slow of a game to showcase them.

CFL any day of the week for me but will admit, NFL is still better than baseball, basketball and many hockey games, I'm a football fan first and foremost will admit, the other sports don't crank me up as much.

But TFC in the RC, my bet is they have about 3000 season ticket holder, if that.

I was at the game as well, and this was my first NFL game since 1995 (Jets-Bills). I think what hurts the NFL is the 40 second play clock. It takes way too much time to get to the next play. On TV, it's not a problem because of replays. Live, it kind of sucks. Now, it was a pre-season game in Toronto. I'd imagine a regular-season game not in Toronto but in an actual NFL city would be much more exciting. The crowd just didn't seem to care at all. I doubt that would be the case in any of the 32 NFL cities during a game that actually mattered.

It really isn't that much different. Our 20 second play clock starts at the referee's discretion once the ball has been set. The NFL runs a 40 second clock from the conclusion of the previous play. The time between the end of the previous play to the snap of the next play rings in between 30 and 35 seconds in either case...

Being there live, it sure didn't feel that way.