New Stadium Seat Selection

Note... No sign of ways to select seats next to long time "seat buddies" who you've sat next to for years. A simple seat matching bit of software could maximize the possibility of maintaining these relationships even with stadium downsizing. There are guys who could write this for a song. Why no consideration for this? Just not thought of? Team doesn't care? They want us to make new friends?

The people that I sit around actually spoke about this earlier this year. We all exchanged contact information, email primarily, and one individual in our group contacted our season ticket representative to express our desires to be around each other in the new stadium. He said they were putting together such lists/groupings for such requests. But it sounded like it was more of a manual process rather than a software based system as you describe. Hopefully enough such requests result in them getting a better system in place as you have said.

The team only found out in the middles of October how many seats there are going to be and had no idea about levels.
It's NOT their stadium they aren't building it. The Ticats would have no idea about the seats until the architecht/planners hand over the seat plans to the team. The team wouldn't have known how many seats until the final bidder was selected and then announced to the public the same time as the Tiger Cats.

Again.... Sigh. Mikem, please respond to what I'm actually saying. I'm trying to make a single point. The technology exists quite inexpensively to attempt to accommodate fans.... If the team cares, all they need to do is say that once they have the stadium configuration they will attempt to apply an analytical algorithm to requests.