I’m a new CFL fan from London, Ontario. I just read that Winnipeg is getting a new stadium in the next few years…but I can’t find any information aside from that. Is it an open air stadium with grass? I really hope it’s not a dome or retractable. Also, when is the new stadiu supposed to open?

Hi there. I can help out a bit on this question. I used to live in London, Ontario as well and moved here to Winnipeg 10 years ago.

First of all , yes there will be a new stadium going up in Winnipeg. THere has been no official start date on the ground breaking, but the location will be in an area near the University of Manitoba and completion date is at the end of 2011 I believe. There are solid talks that it will be a partially covered stadium, a la Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I do believe there are plans to have a temporary cover over the field for use in winter play for soccer and local stadium usage. Here is a link to the proposed look of the new stadium:

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I hope along with you that a CFL team comes to London. I think London would be a great expansion area for the CFL. All they need to do in London is build a 28,000 seat stadium or add about 15,000 seats to the TD Price Waterhouse stadium on the UWO grounds there. Here is to hoping…one day :slight_smile:


I believe Asper said he was going to have another update this fall on what was happening from what I remember,what did he say?something like "it's 3rd and 1 yard to go",untill the concrete starts to pour,I will still be waiting for someone to fumble this on the one :expressionless:

Thanks for the information, guys! The pictures look nice! Hopefully there are no snags and everyone goes smoothly. The only thing I don't like is the partially covered thing...but then again i'm not the one who has to watch games there in Ocotober and November. lol Although I am a season ticket holder of the Buffalo Bills, and I wouldn't trade freezing my butt off in late December there for anything in the world. :slight_smile:

I think you will see a team in London someday, someone just needs to expand TD Waterhouse. There is plenty of land around the staidium so parking wouldn't be a problem. I have recently made a group on facebook in support of getting a team in London. It already has 113 members, hopefully it will continute to grow and maybe I can start to bug the right people with it someday.

There should be an update on the stadium soon. David Asper is supposed to meet with the Bombers Board of Directors by September 15 to give a progress report.


The University of Manitoba and the city, provincial and federal governments said yesterday they are still on board with David Asper’s proposal to build a new football stadium, even though it appears he is running into trouble finding tenants for the redevelopment of the Canad Inns Stadium site.

As the Winnipeg Sun reported yesterday, a source said Asper has asked the Winnipeg Blue Bombers board for an extension of time to attract businesses to set up shop on the Polo Park site where the existing stadium now stands. The redevelopment of that site has always been touted as the key to the plan to erect a new stadium at the U of M.

“The impact of the U.S. recession has certainly resulted in discussions about how to proceed,” Asper told the Sun on Sunday.

However, Asper’s partners in the project are standing by him despite the apparent bump in the road.

“We’re aware of the fact that the Creswin group is still exploring how to best get the Polo Park lands to serve as the economic engine for the stadium. We’re waiting to see what happens. It’s still within a reasonable amount of time,” said U of M spokesman John Danakas.

Premier Gary Doer, Mayor Sam Katz and a spokeswoman for federal Treasury Board President Vic Toews all said their governments are not tying their support for the project to any particular timeline, so there is no rush for Asper to find tenants from their perspectives.

“As long as they have an agreement with the Winnipeg Football Club, we’re A-OK,” Katz said. “There’s no rush or gun to our head. We still have (Canad Inns Stadium) there.”

It’s unclear what the extension could mean for the construction schedule on the new stadium, although it’s a safe bet it will delay things.

Site preparation for the new stadium was scheduled to begin this fall. Danakas confirmed yesterday that nothing is happening on the site yet. Neither Asper nor Bombers board chair Ken Hildahl returned phone calls yesterday