New Stadium Policies (Warning...satire)

  1. Water is permitted to be brought into IWS provided you do not bring it in a bottle - glass or plastic - or a container of any kind. This rule also applies to police officers.

  2. Chewing gum is no longer allowed into the stadium. Patrons will be asked to "spit" up entry. Gum is now sold at all concessions.

  3. To help upgrade the washrooms, an entry fee of 25 cents is now applicable. 10 cents extra for toilet paper.

  4. Noisemakers of ANY kind (exception Jason Farr and any devices sold at the concessions) are strictly prohibited.

  5. Tiger-Cat shirts and hats are not allowed into the stadium. Sorry, they are sold at various booths throughout the premises. Please buy one at the game.

  6. Smoking will continue to be allowed at the corners of the stadium only - you know where people enter and exit. We feel there is no better feeling than to have patrons inhale cancer-causing toxins upon immediate entry into IWS.

  7. Effective immediately, music and sound bites will be played non-step from kickoff to the end of the game. We feel we need to encourage the onset of Attention Deficit Disorder.

  8. No swearing...unless absolutely necessary.

  9. Shirts must be warn at all times at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Unless you are shown on the Arcelor TigerVision. Our policy regarding pants is still being finalised.

  10. Have fun!

The Tiger-Cats and City of Hamilton thank-you for your cooperation.

your a tool

Funny stuff pal. Too bad newworldorder was born without taste.

Thanks Barrenchea. It's Monday...let's just have some fun. No harm!

i personally want to set up a water fund so bobby the finch can enjoy the game i figure it would cost me just .25c a day to allow him a bottle of water for the entire season. I encourage every fan to sponsor other fans alike. a picture of who u r sponsoring holding a bottle of water will be shipped to you at the end of the season.


Keep it simple smuggle.

(also satire)

Excellent initiative, Newworld.

that was jokes bobby :lol: and ya newworld ya can spomser me to if you want. :thup: