New stadium pics

check it out... the drawings have changed.. i like the updated one more :slight_smile:

[url=] ... final2.jpg[/url]

woohoo we turned sod today!! its happening.

Yup, the original arches were just too expensive so they have been replaced with what you see in that pic.

My contact at Dominion Construction actually said that decision was made after the tender process many moons ago.

thats not the greatest of pic but theres others on the website. i dont mind it.. its got new age assiniboine downs feel to it with the strange roof line. should be fun. hopefully its lightning proof :stuck_out_tongue: 80 percent of the fans will be covered and its a lowerbowl design with 33,000 seats i suppose expandable up to probably 50k ish by the time its all said and done. Should be decent, interesting.. state of the art i would say.not bad for about 120 million probably at the end. it will last for 50-75 years and be profitable for the bombers and the city,create jobs now under these hard economic times :stuck_out_tongue: but for reals, it wills :slight_smile: yeeeah.. good times, its so hot out again. geesh +29 again? man oh man, i agree with mark cohon when he said at the press conference.. and some of you wanted a dome?

You've spotted the most obvious thing but a lot of other features have also been removed/replaced by more conventional architectural designs. Still a very nice looking building for the price.

Exactly. They seem to have done a remarkable job stretching a relatively small amount of money (in stadium terms). I like the new design even better than the old one. The stadium has a more “open” look to it now. (love the arches)!

I absolutely love the new design, our new stadium will absoluetly be an awesome place to watch a game, state of the art by CFL Standards. Our new stadium was built to give the fans the best game day experience possible and the seating arrangement is great, score clocks are great and new concessions and washrooms will be welcomed by all Bomber Fans.

Great job by Sillenger, Asper, The Government and The Football Club!! Cannot wait to sit in the new digs in 2012 :rockin:

......I like the the jumbotrons....aaaaaand will especially love the new washroom facilities (some won't care...but it's one of those necessities)...A great advantage with the building of the new digs is that the contractors don't have to deal with any impeding structures....It's clear sailing and what a great spot....There is one local citizen who doesn't think so though...a fly in the ointment as always...He has launched an appeal on it's location but Asper claims it won't affect any time-lines with regard to construction....So it's full steam ahead guys.... and ain't it about time...I can't wait till 2012.... :thup:

"Very sharp looking stadium. But where's the boat?"

-the Ticat secondary

A zoning appeal that will lose. Considering there is already a stadium, an arena, a fieldhouse and various other sports facilities at the U of M and the fact that the Bisons will be using the stadium as well, I don’t think that person has a leg to stand on.

Someone who say the detailed plans of the stadium told me the new troughs in the men’s room are going to be much better than the ones at Canad Inns Stadium. :wink: (j/k, of course)

:roll: Instead of wondering where the boat should be hoping they find a place for a new stadium in Hamilton...or maybe 'bye bye TigerCats...' much trash talking can you do after one .500 season??? I'd be worried if I was you...especially considering what happened after your last .500 season...didn't you go like 1-17???

Kubie, relax man let the Cat fans talk there trash, after all since they were 9-9 last season most believe there team will be 14-4 as i have read many times on the Cat Forum by there fans. Cannot forget they are going to rule the East, beat out The Als, Bombers and Argos and i can't forget how many say they are going to win the Grey Cup in November. High expectations in Kitty cat land with there new savior "Kevin Glenn", let them shoot there mouths because in reality with there high expectations they will be in for an even BIGGER DISSAPOINTMENT when they are struggling with there savior (Glenn) to match last season's 9-9 record and when they finish in 3RD behind The Als and Our New Look Bomber's which will surprise all CFL teams and fans, then will they realize that there trash talk was all for none, i'll say it now as i have said it before, the Ti-Cat Fans need to worry about there own team, cause we all know it will be a struggle for Glenn and the Cats to go .500 again this year, then what will there excuse be? Glenn, Coach, Management, The Refs hate Hamilton! Only one thing would make me happier than our Bomber's kicking Cat a$$ all season and finishing ahead of them in the standings and that is the Tiger Cats totally crap the bed and finish behind the Argos, that would make my year ... LOL ... Tiger Fans better be prepared and take notice of Our Bomber's, they think they will walk all over us, i just say be prepared for huge dissapointment and a great big Blue and Gold A$$ kicking!!

You want a good laugh, go check out the prediction thread on ourbombers. A famous TiCat fan was over there saying how 10 wins should be the starting point for any realistic prediction for the TiCat season.

Aren't these the same guys who lost a playoff game, at home, to the 8 - 10 Lions last season ?

love it... the new design looks much more open, with the raised sideline covers it looks a lot like a euro soccer stadium which is really cool, simple, yet effective... cant wait

You are the perfect mod. A true symbol of bitterness who represents all Bomber fans. Can't wait to read your lame excuses when the season starts. (Remember, you can't blame Kelly this year, so you'll have to be more creative).

Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Just doing my part to keep the rivalry healthy.

And why would Bomber fans need any excuses this season, do you know something they don't ?

Win or lose, we'll be looking forward to our new stadium in 2012, maybe, someday, you can too. we have anything to be bitter about.

......LOL.....i think you struck a nerve pigseye.....out in two seems to be able to dish it out on someone elses site....but has a problem 'taking it'.....When the season starts and we have a 'go-around' with the cats....things will become much more clearer once certain cat fans take off their 'rosy-tinted glasses'....and they could be in for one helluva surprise playing the 2010 edition of the Big Blue... :rockin: :thup:

On in Two = Out to Lunch... :lol:

Criticizing Hamilton for losing to a veteran team in OT in the playoffs is laughable, coming from the fan of a team that absolutely sucked last year. You would have loved your Bombers to accomplish what Hamilton did.

And by the way, isn't BC the same team that crushed you in your own ballpark when your season was on the line?

And didn't Hamilton do the same thing?

Selective memories, and big mouths with nothing to back up their smack: what Bomber fans are all about.

Did you or did you not lose to an 8-10 Lions team in the playoffs last year? We may have sucked last year, but we still got a win against you, didn't we?

I think it's funny how you guys say how horrible a coach Mike Kelly was, but then it's some big feather in your cap for knockin' us out of the playoffs...

Seems Ti-Cat fans think that we will be the same horrible team coached by Kelly again this season, some Cat fans think that we are the same Kelly Coached team with the same player's that absolutely despised Kelly and his schemes. Can't wait for the wake up call when it counts on the field, Bomber's will show the Cats that we will not sit back and let teams run all over us, no circus atmosphere and no Kelly distractions and no locker room tension. Wake up Cat fans and look at reality, we do not have Bauer as our President, Kelly is not our coach, in fact most player's Kelly brought in were distractions and they're all gone, we don't have LeFors as a starting QB to be replaced by Williams, Randall, Bramlet and Bishop .... Notice they are all gone as well .... we have a new GM in Mack, a new coach in LaPo and one of the best QB'S in the league in Buck Pierce.


Kelly and his player's all gone - Lapolice is new coach
LeFors, Bramlet, Williams, Randall, Bishop all gone - One of the best QB'S Buck Pierce in Blue and Gold Colors
Old player's with bad attitudes and locker room distractions all gone - New Player's, New attitude.

So many fans underestimating the 2010 Bomber's will be in for one helluva shock when we show up and surprise many when it counts, they all think because we sucked last year, nothing has changed and we'll suck again this year but inn reality lots has changed. Ti-Cats think that they will just cruise along and make the playoffs, some even think they'll give The Als a run, wake up it's not gonna be that easy and the Cats will be hard pressed to make 2ND again. They finish 9-9 and were one loss away from NOT hosting a playoff game to the 2009 version of The Bomber's with Kelly as coach, no QB and a playbook that should have been thrown out in the 1980's. I cannot wait until The Cats get the wake up call and finally realize that The Bomber's are better than most think and The Cats are not much better than the 9-9 record showed in 2009. But after 10 years of terrible teams and some of the worst records in CFL history i guess they have a right to brag about 9-9. Season is coming soon and then we'll see who has the right to talk smack.