New Stadium, not Mack, responsible for low-budget Bombers

I suspect that our $190M stadium with its $4M/year, $85M mortgage prompted the Board of Directors to instruct Mack to do things on the cheap for the 2012 season. Why else would Mack dismantle the 2011 killer defense that took us to the Grey Cup?

Sports columnists should be investigating the real reasons why the Bombers are cutting corners to the extent that they felt compelled to impose TSA-type security and discard fans' food and water in order to make ends meet. Otherwise, we're going to be stuck with losing, low-budget teams for the next 20 years.

They should start by rounding up the usual suspects: David Asper, Sam Katz, & Greg Selinger. These three are responsible for the disastrous financing of the new stadium which is choking the life out of the football team.

Recall David Asper declared he would build a $140 million stadium with minimal public investment required. In exchange, he wanted to be given the ownership of the team. The deal would erase the team's debt and put them on a stable financial footing with new sources of revenue from the new stadium.

Asper couldn't raise a dime for his high-end mall that was supposed to pay for the new stadium, & Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz gave Asper $4 million in taxpayers' money for a hole in the ground and a few crayon drawings. Premier Greg Selinger stepped in and promised to fund the stadium on the province's dime even though the cost had risen to $190 million.

Selinger had to hide the fact he needed to borrow the $190 million, and thereby raise the deficit by that amount. He did it by claiming he wasn't spending any money on a stadium, he was loaning the entire sum to the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg football team who would pay the province back. The fact that the university and the Blue Bombers don't have a nickel between them to spend on a football stadium didn't matter.

We're screwed :oops:

Or is it the curse of CanadInns stadium - a "screw you" for the claim that the bombers will never play another game there before they had to play out this entire season.

Honestly, what do you feel is low budget? You're heavy on suspicion with far little fact. For instance, how does the bomber budget look compared to other teams? How far are they under the salary cap as compared with the other teams? Are you suggesting that having to pay off a new stadium has hamstrung the team when it comes to signing/keeping FAs? Like who are you wishing was here? Willis? Fell out of favour and played a reduced role the last third of last season. LaBatte? He left not because of money. Carr was the only one that left because of money, and if we kept Carr then we might not have seen Matthews here. Here is the 2012 FA list, who on this list would you have spent all your money on that would have miraculously put the bombers in the grey cup by their presence? Of the biggest FA names, Fantuz wasn't coming here, Rottier was heading straight for Edmonton. Adding picard back at center might have give the Oline an edge and helped them play better to start the season, but there was no guarantee he would've considered coming back here. In fact, I've read that he had no desire to return here, but who knows if that's true. Aaron hunt? has anyone picked him up after the Als cut him loose? The FA pool was quite poor this year, why spend good money on bad players and hamstring the team financially in the future?

The bombers issues run much deeper than having to pay off a new stadium. The biggest factor the stadium itself played in the bombers season IMO was putting them on the road for 4 games to start the season, then the CFL schedulers making them go west - east - west - east. All those time zone changes and miles took their toll. Throw in injuries that prevented them from dressing the desired starters for most of the first half of the season. Compounding things is this is the youngest team in the league and there are fewer vets this year that were locker room leaders to help guide them. Vet players that could have been leaders instead were unhappy tweeters when they lost their buddies during the offseason and are now amongst the guys struggling on the field to regain their prior form. Back when the whole twitter thing happened I suggested that there might be locker room issues if the team struggles out of the gate and without that locker room leadership things could derail. Seems like that is certainly plausible with what's been going on.

My point is the bomber problems are multifactoral. It's not just LaPo, not just Mack, not just the board, not just the new stadium finances. What we're about to find out is if Burke's hand is strong enough to reign in all those things and get things going in the right direction over the next couple of weeks. If not, the bombers could be heading into a new stadium with another new coach, probably a new GM, and a bevy of new players in a new rebuilding effort. None of that will have anything to do with the stadium finances. How much would you like that?

You obviously have no idea that there is a maximum and minimum amount under the SMS and the difference between the two numbers isn't that much.

well doug brown retired, willis was traded and kent was released.Donny O is a back up making starters really think trading willis,releasing kent and lobendahn eventho he was hurt most of last year anyways is dismantling the D?

go look at most teams rosters from last year,compare them to this years, you'll see we really didnt make as many changes as people think and made even less then some.

a dudes blog? bashing the NDP? whats next/ u gonna quote the bleacher report cuz god knows that site is filled with tons and tons of totally reliable sources. this article/blog here, the guy dislikes the ndp and makes it obvious.

pretty simple to see that he's whining cuz he's anti NDP and you are just trying to make a bigger deal out of it.

a blog? awesome, the plus's of the internet, gives every idiot a chance to share his opinion.. the negatives,gives eery idiot a chance to share his opinions.

…I don’t see how hating a govt. that stepped up to the plate to attain a new stadium for the CFL is very constructive…I guess that’s why Manitobans re-elected them with a majority, cuz the people seem to feel that they’re are so debt ridden :lol: The author is probably a failed conservative (or lib.) candidate in the last Man. provincial election :lol: