new stadium in winnipeg rumors

i was on and they said that they might build the new stadium at the ''canada packers site'' but there biding with the city for a amateur sports complex and some people want a casino built there hey if they build it at the packer site its like not even 5 mins from my house :lol:

I saw that too, btw the site looks really great.......they even have the roster updated with simpson already penciled in at mlb...awesome.....I prefer the red river ex site as it is only 5 min from my place....:slight_smile:

wow i live close to pigseye...i live about 10 min maybe 5min drive from red river ex. :o

well, good to see there getting the ball rolling on it.

now there talking bout wich is the best location but i havent heard it on the news

by Red River Ex, so much land there.

there going 2 talk about the study any day now that's wut my sources say