New Stadium in the works for Regina.. finished by 2015

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this is in the works.. read the article in the link above!

I’ll believe it when the shovels are in the ground. That is a pretty lofty development he is talking about. I’d like to know who these private businesses are that are going to invest in the stadium.
here is the fancy video.

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Sounds excellent at any rate! :thup: If something can get done here in Hamilton for Canadian football and soccer, which is so close to the US with loads of competition for fans attention, surely in a more hotbed of Canadiana culture like Regina with the support there, can do something.

He made an announcement that said nothing new. Saying the private sector is interested is easy - getting them to actually commit is something else. So when all is said and done there is still no committed funding for this project. Just a lot of hot air coming from the mayor's office.

think what you like..

This is just a better disguise to get federal funding for the stadium. The mayor may also be surprised at how much money CN wants for its land. He should talk to the mayor of Hamilton…

That is great.
It's evident that when the people of Saskatchewan put their minds to something it will get done.
I sense how a dome stadium is still in the works.

Looks good

the video looks impressive...lets hope this gets done!

ya I just saw that video. it looks awesome. I really think it could be the start of something big for Regina! hopefully a Grey Cup in 2015!! :smiley:

Um, they already had an option on that land. The option expired at the end of February. They know what CP (not CN) wants for the land. CP has stated publicly after the option was not exercised that they are open to negotiating another option.

Don't get excited until they announce they have funding committed for a stadium. Until then it's just a bunch of words and pretty pictures.

this would be like me being mayor saying… in winnipeg, i will put a dome over the city so in the winter time it will be warmer… its just some crackpot proposal. thas all it is. u guys so certain again eh…

who’s building the stadium? what company? who’s building the condos? what company?

you dont know cuz neither do your politicians. corporate support is great but i dont think they will hand the city of 200,000 1 billion dollars to do all this.

unless your population triples in a couple years… its not economically viable at all. it really isnt. thats not hating on regina but if a 200 million dollar stadium in wpg and hamilton may or may not be economically viable then how is a 430 million dollar one viable in a city with less than half hell, 1/3 of the population wpg has then. sorry again iit doesnt work and wont happen.

430 mill for 9 football games a year and some amateur sports still doesnt add up in the city of 200,000.

Anyone want to take bets on this? I'll pay 5-to-1 that the Riders are still playing in Mosaic in 2015. It is a shame that a much needed new home for the Riders is going to be tied up in a massive (at least for a city of 200,000) urban revitalization project. How many private investors are going to be building hundreds of new condos downtown when the two current downtown condo projects can't even sell out their units. Unless there is a major economic boom coming to Regina, I don't see all these commercial projects being completed, especially the 100,000+ square feet of commercial space being built in the ghetto of North Central. I may be wrong about this, but I don't think so.

How's your rrsp's doing?

....I know you were trying to convey a sense of 'unrealistic expectations' in your could've ended after seven words...

if I had the money I'd bet you

O.K Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I am going to e Mail the Mayor and tell him to put an end to these plans at once. And i will also suggest that next time he comes out with a plan like this he better be ready to reveal exactly who is putting how much money in, how it will impact their tax position and bottom line, and exactly what denominations of currency they will be using, rite down to the pennies. And while I'm at it, do you think maybe I should demand that he also provide names, occupations, personal net worth and Mothers' maiden name of all the buyers of these condos and houses, or would that maybe be a stretch in your wonderfully educated opinion?

I'll loan you the money. I wish I was wrong because I would love to see the Riders in a new stadium, but new stadiums are hard enough to get built (just as the Minnesota Vikings or Los Angeles) when they are stand alone projects. Unfortunately, this one is all tied up in quite a few different private and public projects. There are too many things to go wrong and too many potential problems to delay the project. I would feel a lot better if this was more like Winnipeg's project. At least they won't be waiting on condos to be sold.

I dont understand what the announcement is? Everything the mayor said, was already common knowledge. They dont have a concrete plan, no announcement of public fund or private funds, don't even know if it's going to be a dome/open air/ retractable roof, etc. It seems way too premature of an "announcement". They should just make an announcement when there's a formal plan instead of just a vision.

Personally I hope and believe their will be a new stadium in Regina. I doubt it's going to be a retractable roof, so the sooner you guys realize it, the better. Then you can stat moving forward will a realistic plan.