New Stadium In Regina

Hey all, I know that this has been brought up in other threads, but I could not find it.....

I dont have a tonne of time to keep up with things in Regina (living in Calgary...). Is the proposal for the dome stadium (with the $450m price tag) still the most current one they are looking at?

Any references wouldbe greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

If Regina was a U.S. city, Mosaic Stadium would've been replaced about 60 years ago.

I too would like to know the current status of a new football stadium in Regina, but this is Canada. It will be talked about, argued over, researched, studied and debated for years and years and years. (Ottawa is a perfect example of this)

My best guess? Expect a new stadium in Regina in the year 2032. I'm not saying that to be rude or intentionally upset anyone. It's because I genuinely believe that's how long it will take to get shovels in the ground for this thing.

The fans there deserve a new stadium- heck they've deserved a new stadium for decades- but, again, this is Canada.

I agree.

Here is their website.

And you can always check the newspaper.

Actually the provincial government was supposed to make an announcement in June, but now it has been pushed back until the fall... expect to hear something then-- the feds and province have to do a deal with funding for the project, and just like everything else with government, it takes time.

Someone please remind the Riders that they play in the CFL and not the NFL. They are dealing with CFL revenue streams and not NFL revenue streams. There are several NFL teams that have built recent stadiums that cost no where near $450 million. The Riders need to be more realistic and go with a stadium that they can afford, instead of one that will be a financial burden for years and years.

If the Riders had gone with a more reasonable stadium (something in the $125-$150 million range), I would say that they would be breaking ground by 2012 at the latest. However, since they went for a $450 million Taj Mahal, it could be years and years before they break ground, if they ever do. Every year they wait, the $450 million stadium keeps going up and up in price. Before long it will be over $600 million and will probably get to the point where it will be just too expensive to build. $450 million+ is an awful lot to finance. Even at a 5% tax free bond, the annual interest rate will be close to $30 million a year for the next 30 years.

If the Riders build a more realistic 35,000 seat $150 million outdoor stadium, they could easily sell 20,000 PSL's to their rabid fans at $5,000 each and that would generate $100 million. They could then sell the naming rights for $25 million for 10 years. They could lease their 40 executive suites for $15 million over 10 years. If you add in the extra profit from stadium advertising and concessions, plus their massive taxable allowance from depreciation, they could easily have a major positive cash flow from the stadium from year one. Plus the outdoor stadium would be much cheaper to maintain and operate.

The question comes down to the Riders. Will they bite off such a huge chunk that they choke themselves, or will they do what is financially reasonable and doable.

the stadium isn't just for the Roughriders guys! it's for the entire province! they will hold a lot of events inside the dome besides just football.

they have trade shows and events that require a place to go in the Winter and Spring!


Thanks all for the info and opinions.

My thought is, is that its possible that the City and the Riders (or whomever is trying to get this thing built) are just posturing right now....seeing how much support they can drum up for the stadium. When it comes time for funding approval, they work their way back and settle on something a little more modest. If they can get support for a $400m field, then they can make detractors happy when they decide to build something for $100-$120m.

I work in construction management myself, and this is how we do things....go into negotiations with something to take off the table (or add, if need be).

Anyway...lets hope its gets done. Soon!

Now I know this is apples and oranges but people need to remember that dome stadiums aren't used just for football. In fact, most covered stadiums/arenas are used for far more than just sports. BC place is a great example, if it was only for the Lions, there's no way the province would invest 450 million in it. BC place is used so frequently it makes sense to put in that investment.

cflisthebest- I have read a hundred blogs and forums from people associated with the Riders or Regina in general about whether this is a football stadium only or if it is something to benefit the entire province. They all argue good points for building the dome and against building the dome. Since I do not live in Regina or Saskatchewan and I will not be paying any taxes towards the construction, I really don't have a dog in the fight. The main point I was making is that the Riders deserve a new stadium and they would most likely get a new 35,000 seat outdoor stadium for an affordable $150 million before they will get a $450-$600 million domed multi-plex. What I would hate to see are the Riders still playing at Mosaic in 2020. If the Riders/Regina can pull together $450 million in financing and get this thing built by 2015, then more power to them. I just know how long Winnipeg and Ottawa have been fighting over building much cheaper stadiums.

WV-- if you asked most Rider fans, they would tell you that they would prefer an outdoor stadium... one of advantage of having a home playoff in Regina is that most Novembers its windy, cold and could even possible snow... its the elements that the Riders play in all season(wind, rain, t-storms) that could give the green guys and edge... plus all the fans that are hearty enough to brave those elements and rabidly cheer for their team. I'm sure they are looking at a dome for year-round use.. and someone mentioned cost... costs in Canada are generally higher than they are in the States.. I'm sure most Americans that come up to Canada are stunned by sticker shock... even with a higher(for the most part) dollar.

Given the current state of affairs in Sask with the recent natural disasters it is the gov'ts only real choice but to delay the decision. I love the Roughies and yes they need a new stadium but the primary focus has to go on helping our fellow neighbor in this year of flooding and tornadoes.

BTW, if any Rider management happen to be reading this thread, doing something like a 50/50 draw or donating 1 games profits to disaster relief would go a long way in PR for future stadium considerations.

they want a dome so that they can use the place in the winter.

can't have trade shows and other events when it's -30 outside.

you have to have an indoor location for that.

Build for the future. You should not be thinking about building another new stadium in twenty years.

Again, I do not have a dog in the fight so I'm not going to debate the pluses or strikes of a $450 million dome. I do know that Winnipeg is not building a dome (of course with their balmy weather I can see why), Hamilton is not building a dome, Ottawa is not building a dome, Toronto is not talking about a new dome and no one is talking about a dome for Halifax/Montcon. Don't these cities have winter trade shows and concerts that need a massive amount of space? I do believe that you will have new stadiums in Winnipeg, Hamilton/Toronto and Ottawa long before a dome is built in Regina. Having been to a couple of games at Mosaic, I did enjoy the atmosphere there, but it really needs a lot of work if it is going to be viable for the next ten years while they wait to build their dome. As they say, a bird in the hand........ Build an up-to-date, state-of-the-art $150 million outdoor stadium that both the Riders and Regina can be proud of and afford to own.

Couldnt agree more. To lie to oneself and say this proposed project and $$$ tag is feasible is a farce!!! I love the Rider's, I love Saskatchewan, I love the passionate Rider fans but come on.......the team is doing well an making money but that is too much money for the city, province, and federal aid to fork over for a stadium, we dont have Jerry Jones' wallet. We r a small market business which operates on 25% money and 75% love of the game. Lets not see this happen to Riderville please, its not even possible no matter how nice it would be

Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto, and even Winnipeg all have modern NHL sized rinks to host events year round, the closest thing in Saskatchewan would be in Saskatoon. The main reason why the stadium will be a dome and not an open air facility is for the events other than football. If you build an open air stadium it's essentially just for the football team, which means 9 events annually (maybe 1 or 2 concerts) and it's usable about 6 months in a year. All of the other cities that you've mentioned have alternate means of hosting events in the winter.

Dust- I agree with you 100%. They all have 15,000-20,000 seat arenas to host concerts and trade shows and so on. That is a very good size venue for such events. A 15,000 seat arena is the right size and is a lot less expensive to operate and maintain than a 35,000 seat arena. A 35,000 seat arena for concerts/trade shows is dramatic overkill and will cost a fortune to heat/cool and maintain. If Regina built a $150 million outdoor football stadium and a $150 million 15,000 seat arena (for all those concerts and trade shows) that would still be only $300 million and would be a heck of a lot less than $450+ million. Again, no other city in the CFL, and very few cities in the NFL, are building year-around facilities, because for the most part, they do not make financial sense. An outdoor stadium for the Riders can make financial sense regardless of how often it is used for non-Riders games. In order for a project to make financial sense, you only have to produce more yearly revenue than your yearly costs. It does not have to be used 365 days a year to be economically viable.

As a fan of the Riders, I just want to see them playing in the new state-of-the-art stadium they deserve. My only concern is that they have taken these last few years of success and have gotten really greedy. 10 years ago they were barely alive and now nothing less than a $450+ million Taj Mahal is good enough. That sounds like something they would do in Toronto, not Regina.

Well WV, if you think they only do that in Toronto, and not Regina, I've got news for you.. they actually do that stuff around here... as proof I will offer you a link:

When you get to that page click on Multiplex & Soccer/FieldHouse Facilities...

The cost of this project is $63 million dollars, .. and NIMBYs and CAVERs say it will be a lot more when all is said and done. Moose Jaw has a population of about 32K... the taxpayers portion is $34 million, which is to be paid over 25 yrs. It amounts to a extra $100 per year on your property tax bill. A lot of people in my city oppose this.. I was really not happy with the way the deal was secretly done to build, but one look at our old facility, lovingly referred to as the Crushed Can, is now 50 yrs old and should be replaced. There have been two court cases and two plebecites on this thing... the first vote was 71% to 29% in favour.. then the second vote was a 60-40 split. Its a controversial project and an expensive one for a small city. As and old saying goes... it can happen here.

It appears to me how the World Class mentality has spread to other cities and towns throughtout our nation.
With the idiot people and politicians here in Toronto all to thank for.
Ultimately this is on the backs of all the hard working people and taxpayers.