New stadium in 2017

Just announced on 620 CKRM just before the Rider-Lions game. I hope the Riders/Province allows the fans to participate by buying shares to help pay for the new stadium. I'm in for a few big ones!!

I'd like to understand why it is due to be constructed by 2017 and not 2015 or 2016.

Likely a year+ of engineering alone, starting construction in the 2nd half of 2014....lay foundation before winter, work on steal through the cold season, piles of concrete work in 2015, mechanical and electrical main services in early 2015, boxes, seats and concessions in late 2015 well into 2016, finish communications / electrical / mechanical, field, seating, painting in the summer of 2016. That gives 2 seasons to build it and occupying in the 3rd. They likely would not have it complete for the 2016 season if the start it in late 2014...yeah, they could say on September 1st we will move to the new stadium, but have likely learned a lesson at Winnipeg's expense.

Also, we do not know what other infrastructure they will want in place before opening it...some new roadway/overpass perhaps? A manway to the city center / Casino area? How much work does the City have to do alone just to get sufficient services routed (the transformers and switchgear will likely be over a year for delivery)? What relocation work is needed for CN? Are they building a parkade? Is something getting knocked down to allow for a local practice field (I hope so purely for tailgates!).

Sorry, one other point is that some articles say construction will start in the game it was said it would start in 2014, with design starting immediately.

Wall said 2013 in his speech.

Do you know anybody in Winnipeg? You should ask them. No need to make the same over-promise, underdeliver mistake they did.

Fantastic news, and great news for the CFL as a whole. We will now have 4 new stadiums in the next 5 or so years. Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Saskatchewan.

Wall did say at the Stadium that construction starts in 2013. Construction normally is year around, so the design has to be done for civil works by early 2013 in order to get a contract awarded. If it is a EPC contract it will simplify the process further. I can understand being conservative so you can come in ahead of schedule, even though the politicians are not fooling anyone.

I've been involved in some big projects and these timelines seem off. Perhaps they are accurate if they are pulling in other parts of the redevelopment, but for strictly the stadium it seems to long.

I live around Winnipeg and it will take a LONG time before the Bombers live down their marketing gaffe. The team lost ALOT of revenue in sponsorship because of the delay in the stadium completion. The new stadium will have great accessibility when Rider fans come for the Banjo Bowl in 2013.

Wear is the new stadium located ?

Evraz Place, Elphinstone Street side.

My own view: wrong stadium (would go all the way, do it right and build retractable), but at least they seem to be keeping the "right" option open; and wrong location (CP Railyards all the way), but it's not their fault that CP is not letting go of a sufficient amount of land to make a stadium possible there ...

Having said that, I am thrilled with the announcement all the same - at least something is getting done, it does seem to make sense given all the policital, financial and other parameters, and it is a reasonable solution. They could do worse.

Yeah, I agree Legal...that being said I think most understand that the population is simply not there at this time, barring some huge sponsorship, to make a retractable fiscally viable. Unless some big name like BHP stepped up and said is 100M and you will name the stadium after us. It was the primary option put back a year or 2 back, but went nowhere fast. I also think the rail yard is a better location...can a new stadium even fit without knocking down existing buildings and relocating them? I suppose the Jubilee and heritage buildings will need to go...what about the Academy? There is some major restructuring to do, that's for sure.

my 2 biggest concerns:

  • is there going to be an adjacent practice field, because the tailgate is a huge proponent for the atmosphere at the games right now. Depending on exactly how they build it the existing practice field could actually still be used.
  • is this going to be designed seating expandable, considering it will be designed with a roof as a future option. 33 000 is small for a Grey Cup bid...however they design it I hope it can be expanded to at least 40k.

It will be interesting to see a layout model, or if the last one presented is pretty much it.

They did say that it would be able to be expanded for GC. The location they are using should be way better for parking and getting out quicker after games. CP would have to give up all the land in order to get a half reasonable road system built, including the rail lines that they want to stay. I too like the casino concept but with the restrictions they have to work with Evraz is a better option.

At some point those rail lines have to come out. It's a big safety concern and Every year someone gets hurt or killed. Wish it was going now.

yea I imagine that they are going to wait until Grey Cup 2013 is finished to start.

I was reminded that the location isn't far from Mosaic and this is an area that they hold a lot of Grey Cup parties.

Parking as it is will be hard to come by, so why start then? wait till after the big Game. (which I'll be attending!!! :thup: :rockin: )

Yep you walk east a long block and there is the practice field and immediately east of that is Taylor field. It's unfortunate they couldn't get CP to move out entirely. Having it closer to downtown would be impressive but really it's about a 10 minute walk so if designed right with a corridor between the two maybe not all that bad. People park downtown already and walk to the games now.

I like everything about this project! I like that we are getting a bigger stadium, I like the location better than the CP rail yards, I like that it isn’t a dome/ retractable roof, I like that were mosaic is they are going to build more housing and stuff!

Bigger newer stadium with better amenities need I say more as to why I like this? I think everyone likes this.

The location they are in has better parking and makes it nice and close to the Brandt Center as well as the soccer facility and the other hockey rinks! Plus I think its just a better overall location… I still wish they would have built it on the outskirts so they could have a nice big plot of land for it but meh…

As far as the dome I thought that was a bad idea from the get go. Outdoor games are an advantage for us here! we get the harsh weather… teams like B.C and Toronto don’t deal with that and it gives us an advantage while playing them! Also it is a heck of a lot more money that our province doesn’t need to spend! Its enough to have a facility where there are semi decent bathrooms and seating! As well as that fact that for high school football teams or the RSA to use the new pitch it would cost more because they would always have to pay for the lights to be on even in day games! which would likely make it unavailable to them.
Also the thing about having big bands coming and playing more often with it is B.S. most people only want to afford one of those big concerts once a year… so if a bunch come they all won’t sell out… definitely not if the band is going to go up and play in saskatoon as well! Dome doesn’t make sense here IMO.

and as far as the building a new community there I think we can all agree that its awesome!

Na you don't want that. Trust me, Saskatoon (and the Blades especially) is regretting that they did not build Saskplace downtown instead of out in the boondocks. It completely killed their crowds because it is a complete PITA to get out there.

Yep, it's a disaster for concerts and Nlade games. Poor traffic routing for concerts might as well plan to sit in your car for and hour and no bars nearby for fans to walk to after Blades games. Rider games the bars a packed before and after.

Yeah, stadiums that energize downtown are the way to go...especially if there is a good mass transit. Saskplace is especially retarded because there is only really 1 way into town after an event. They should have built it on the other side of mid-town plaza where the movie theater and toys r us are

the nice thing in Regina now is that there are pubs near by, but a couple closer restaurants would be nice. They should put a Timmys right there and offer a free coffee on the back of the game-day tickets, only valid for 2 hours after the game...that would be fun to watch lol