new stadium how big???

I was looking at the thread of the pictures of the new stadium with the retractable roof, does anyone know how many seats it would hold didn't see any of that in with the pictures looks like it would be a good size for hosting a grey cup!!!!!

I read somewhere 33-35,000 permanant seats with space for temporary seating between 45-50,000.

What i don't get is how they can expand a domed facility by that many seats. they can't go hygher because there is a roof and they can't go longer because there are walls.

The permanent seats would be pretty much all between the goal lines with space in the endzones that would be empty without temp seats. Virtually all temp seating would be in endzones. It's just like calgary's temp seats all being in the endzone - same idea only inside. Calgary went from 35k to 45k by adding seats only in one endzone. Maybe the dome plan would not have all 10k in one endzone but it is conceivable spread out over both.