New Stadium - Grass or Turf?

Simple question, simple poll. I'd assume it would be Grass if they are going for multi-use or want to attract an MLS or USSF team. What would you like to see?

Grass baby! Kick it old school!

If the plan is to use the field for as many events as now occur at Ivor Wynne, or more, the only sensible choice is FieldTurf.

reading here how toxic the soil is, wilL grass even grow there? :wink:


The grass just might grow 5 inches a day!

Seriously, grounds keepers have made a lot of strides in maintaining real grass fields in northern climes and I really would like to see a nice natural field. Those of us that are old enough, remember Civic Stadium and the quaqmire games in October and November if it rained, was fun to watch but really hard on the players. By half time it didn't matter if you were in whites or dark uniforms, everybody looked the same.

They probably will go with an advanced field turf by that time anyway I guess.

Turf, we've all seen how Edmonton's fun field screws up games, players getting tackled by the turf preventing long gains.So annoying.

I voted for Field Turf

Leon McQuay

Me also, just more useful overall to the community.

Wow, it is neck and neck, I guess there isn't as much a demand for soccer amongst Ti-Cat fans as I thought.

The Ticats are all about hard-nosed football historically. Keep the grass after the games. There should be more than one grass field in the league.

I'd prefer a grass field, but something tells me it'll be turf.

Turf seems like a better all-around-choice.

However appealing grass may be to the fans.

Field Turf Babe!!! :rockin:

Grass seems more throwback. Its also very expensive.

Apparently the operating costs to maintaining a grass athletic surface to a professional standard are pretty steep for a CFL team. Not sure how they manage it in Edmonton but I'd imagine the Eskimos aren't responsible for it.

I voted field turf because it will handle constant use and it recently has been shown to be safer than grass. That didn't sound right to me either but apparently it is so. I played on Civic Stadium grass and HAAA grass. Yes, I'm that old! By October, the middle of both fields was almost bare and rain produced a swamp. I'll take the fake grass and the rubber pellets everytime. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Another reason turf is good is it would give our USL (or whatever league it's in) team, if we get one, an advantage playing the TFC team in friendlies or that CONCAFF tournament with TFC playing on grass and "afraid" of turf. :wink:

Its the Pan Am Stadium, it WILL be grass to start with. Thats mandatory. Turf makes more sense in the long run if there are going to be other events but realistically my belief is that since the grass is already there they should save the money and leave it in. Its better for football and better for soccer and thats the bread and butter for the stadium revenues


Just say "NO!!!!" to the plastigrass!!!

I voted grass. Increased home field advantage and more give for cleats means less ankle and knee injuries. Genetically improved grass seed makes for less watering and cutting and would help with maintenance costs.

Field Turf