NEW Stadium For Riders!? Bigger and Better

As read in the Sunday SUN Sports section 33000 seats! Bigger and better then ours Wow and money coming in from all directions . It took our City officials a year of fighting to come up with less than 278 million allocated for a CFL only use stadium in Regina . Our new facility 28000 At 102 million I just dont understand this as we are holding a world international sporting event " THE GAMES "

Pay attention "Raise the Hammer" and West Habour Utopians to how competent people build a football stadium.

Our new stadium will hold 22,500, not 28,000. We should be so lucky. The bulk of the financing in places like
Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I believe come from their respective provincial governments, whereas in Hamilton,
we are pretty much left to our own devices with a minimal amount of financing coming from Queens Park.

The 22,500 accommodation in Hamilton is to me, laughable, insane, absurd.....(Pick a word or feel free to insert your own wording). If our Ontario Liberal Government is trying to work their way OUT OF OFFICE, their efforts are indeed,working. They have made many other decisions, of late, which will add to their demise.

In Hamilton, I suppose we should be grateful to have any kind of facility for our CFL events and other events our city fathers decide to stage at the new IWS.


22,000 is perfect IMHO, way better that and at least get it as classy as an OHL arena in London. 28,000 and something not even as classy as an OHL arena is a pure laughable joke for this city, after the Copps arena affair that never lived up to it's NHL size label it was to be. We need a just big enough stadium at the beginning that has a real shine to it and stands out for the community and on national TV. Quality is the most important thing as long as there is just enough quantity.

Ive got a bad case of stadium envy. Its not nice being poor. :oops:

Catfish, provinces like a Saskatchewan can do things sometimes a larger province like Ontario can't because the population is smaller and less "centres". I know a situation where the province of Saskatchewan has a provincial license for a software product for quite a few years now that here in Ontario we can't figure out how to do because there are too man chiefs in too many cities who all have their own agendas. Less likely to happen in a province like Saskatchewan. Easier for them to pull together on something at times.

Two different animals. Riders are trying to fit more fans and corporate sponsors (boxes). Tiger-Cats are trying to get more money per fan a la Montreal. Also I doubt very much either venues will come in at their original budgets. unless demolition costs, services and other things are kept separate.

But this stadium in Regina won't be ready ...for 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why so long???????????????

Ontario has a $15.6 BILLION DEFICIT and $250 BILLION DEBT, on top of the $15.6 BILLION deficit we have to pay
$10 BILLION A YEAR in interest payments to service that debt!! We are close to 50% of our budget going directly to Health Care, so it doesn't leave much money around for a government to finance football stadiums.
Saskatchewan is booming right now especially in the Potash and oil industry are are making a lot of revenue from it right now.
Ontario is in bad shape, we supply the US market with manufacturing goods, autos, truck etc and the US is just not buying or building right now.

The model for stadiums should be the city of Ottawa where OSEG a group of private investors is working with the city to redevelop Lansdowne and build a stadium with ZERO support from the taxpayers of the Province or the Federal Government.

Well they have to Engineer the thing from scratch. They want a bowl designed to handle a retractable dome in the future, that means they have to design it complete with the dome structure and make sure it can handle our weather without its "cover structure". I'm not even sure if that has ever been done.

I think they will find the costs prohibitive and change course and go for the complete meal once they see the numbers. They have to award the design to an engineering firm, that will take a few months, more if they go with a competition. than a year or so to go from concept to approved drawings. Then they will have to cost it. Then possibly go back for revisions (I think that's where the whole debate about a dome) will happen. Than they have to go to tender and than build it. Could even take a little longer than that.

Absolutely right, Ockham.

Yup, this is how to spend public money. To be built right in the city. (not near a highway)

[sarcasm]How are the fans ever gonna get there?[/sarcasm]

“We believe we came up with a financially feasible and responsible plan that[b][i][u] supports additional density and investment in the core of the city[/u][/b][/i],? said Sjoberg. “We also believe it will deliver public investments that provide a long-term benefit for the community.?
This is all about a large, signifcant civic investment, "city building"

Read more: ... z20iHePCMT

"Today’s funding announcement means[b] [i][u]the vision to revitalize the heart of Regina is becoming a reality[/u][/i][/b]," Mayor Fiacco said. "The agreement between the Province, the City and the Riders means this community, and the province, will have a 21st century multi-purpose facility that meets the needs of the community for generations to come."
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Hate to burst bubbles, but this is only a proposal.

One more of many out of Regina in the last several years.

I agree and I suspect there are hidden agendas. I think the mayor and the team know full well that when the province gets the numbers on their "dome without a roof" they will be backed into a corner. At which point they will have to choose between an outdoor facility or go all in on a dome. Their figures are absolutely UNREALISTIC.

Frankly this is how Non for Profit works. Grab what you can and stick the governement in a position where it is forced to back into a project or lose face.

I think Regina will end up with a dome and the taxpayers will be paying huge amounts of their taxes to pay for it like was the case with Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Yup, still somewhat early in the process. But if financing is in place, that should clear a big hurdle.

The City of Regina is in the process of planning and design concept work for the new stadium. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2013, with completion in time for the 2017 Rider season. [b]Council will consider approval of the MOU at a public Executive Committee meeting on July 18, and at the July 23 meeting of City Council.[/b]
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Also keep in mind that they are building it without a roof but building it so that one can be installed in the future. To me this sounds to be quite the idea. This would only make sense for IW2!!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

It's a concept but I don't think it will save them that much money. You now have to build the support structures into the stadium anyway and you have to make sure everything is winterized to handle winters for years to come. So your getting double dinged.

Question; where would they play if they decide at a future date to add the roof? We all know what kind of problem that is becoming. Perhaps what happens eventually is it takes 3/4 years to build it and 5 years to put the roof on. Is it possible to add a roof on a stadium between seasons? Either way, I think it's more good news for the CFL in general.

Maybe Griffiths stadium in Saskatoon (where the sask huskies go for home games). Griffith's hosted the Vanier Cup in 2006 and there is a lot of room for temp seats on the N & E side of the stadium. Its actually a pretty nice Uni Stadium, I get to play flag football there in the summer :smiley: .

Precisely! Sask is kind of swimming in cash at the moment, and Brad Wall the premier, can commonly be seen wearing his Riders jersey and or be seen at Riders home games. The private and public funding for the team comes from all over.

I simply can't envision Dalton McGuinty ever wearing a blow or Ticats jersey, or ever promoting the CFL! As for the private sector financing things, Bob Young & Dave Braley have been angels for us!