New Stadium for Buffalo ??

Wow I can't even put "su cked" it without it being edited. A bit harsh no mods?

AB, of course the NFL is superior overall product, I mean it better be with the money it can pay the players and what it gets from TV revenues. As a diehard CFL fan, I will even say that. And of course the CFL is a 2nd tier league or whatever you want to call it, in relation to the NFL. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

But the CFL is the only Canadian professional sporting leauge that really means anything to anybody in this country, no other Canadian run league can come close to it. And it plays for the historic GC championship. And the TV ratings for it rival all the major leagues except for the NHL. And the level of play in the CFL as mentioned by players who have played in both the NFL and CFL is excellent. Of course again I'm not saying anything new here. And we are lucky in Hamilton to have a fairly high level league, 2nd tier or whatever, right here in our own city where we don't have to travel an hour and cross the border to go and watch if we don't care to. That's nice and another reason why I hope the Cats and the Canadian operated CFL last for a very, very long time, regardless of how many people out there call it 2nd tier etc.

In the end, personally since I love football of all sorts, get the Blue Jays out of Toronto and convert the RC into a football only facility for the NFL and the Argos can play in an expanded BMO at 25,000-30,000. Perfect for me as I don't care about baseball.