New Stadium for Buffalo ??

Was just watching the news out of Buffalo and the feature story was about a possible new stadium. Maybe the idea of Ralph Wilson wanting to play a few games in Toronto has stirred things up.

The report stated that there seems to an interest in building a new retractable stadium and possible convention centre in downtown Buffalo on the waterfront. Obviously just putting out feelers and open for discussion right now but it is funny that it came to light so quickly after the proposal to move a few games north of the border.

Don't buy your "Toronto Bills" season tickets just yet eh.

Some have said that the whole Toronto thing was nothing but a ploy for the gov'ts to ante up for a new stadium in Buffalo.

Great! Maybe the new place will have 15-20,000 more seats they can sell at 1/2 the going rate for NFL tickets.

Don't count on it. If anythng it'll have less seats and more boxes for corporate suits.

In my opinion the toronto nfl dream died the minute the exibition and regular season games were announced. They fast tracked it through with the reason being they are in buffalos territory anyways so its ok to just play a game somewhere else in your territory, they made that clear. So what happens if the team doesnt move to toronto? if they do get a new stadium and someone with rich pockets surfaces and wants to keep them in buffalo............good luck for toronto getting another expansion or a moved franchise.....the buffalo owner would never allow it in his 'territory'.

The NFL will use Toronto in the same way the NHL uses Hamilton with threats that if they don't build a new stadium, the team will go to a place with an existing stadium and great lease.

Earl, exactly.... That is why I questioned why everyone started to panic when interest in playing games in Toronto was first announced. The NFL is coming..the NFL is coming!!

If there are people in Western New York putting out feelers about a project like this then you better believe that there is big money involved somewhere. Actually Jim Kellys name was mentioned. Yes its just talk now, but cities like Detroit and Indy have replaced or are replacing facilities we would die for. So don't under-estimate "Yankee" ingenuity when it comes to mega projects.

I read a few weeks ago (it may have been Perry Lefko)the following scenario:
Bills to build new dome stadium
While underconstruction, Bills move to Rogers centre in a reto-fitted stadium (65,000 seats)
Prior to the move, :wink: new stadium a CNE is retrofitted for CFL football.
Once new dome in Buffalo is built, Bills move back and TO gets an expansion franchise along with LA.
The above to be all orchestrated by Ralph Wilson, Rogers, MLSE and the NFL.

Not going to happen. Why would the bills alienate their american fans by playing all of their games at Rogers? Orchard Park/Ralph Wilson Stadium will still be standing there.


Yawn......Hate to burst your bubble buddy but Ralph wants out of the bills because of his age and his spoiled brat kids are to lazy to take the team over and dont want the team!Hmmm that means he HAS TO sell the team and it has to be a big city that the NFL can relate to!Toronto is big and they beleive in bling bling! Buffalo do not!Sorry!

But Toronto cannot relate to the prevelant American attitude that allows tax dollars to be spent on a super expensive new stadium for super rich NFL owners, especially after the Skydome fiasco.

Anything, if it will keep the NFL on the other side of the border.

An Argo-Cat fan

I can't relate to that either.

Come on!thats why they call that city hog town. They like to have some thing to show off! Nothing is bigger then the NFL! They have the NHL & the NBA & the MBLS !Why not the NFL?

They want the NFL for sure as I can't see Ted paying for a new baseball stadium with it difficult to make the money an NFL team makes. Baseball doesn't share revenues like the NFL and the spending of the Yanks and Red Sox is crazy and forces others to spend big time so they don't look rinky dink. And the RC will be so outdated soon for baseball, it will look ridiculous. If I were Rogers, I'd start thinking about selling the Blue Jays now and turning the RC into a football only facility with 60,000-65,000 seats. The looks of football stadiums aren't as critical like baseball stadiums where the retro look and open air feel and ambiance are so important now.

So baseball is out of there I say in the next 10 - 15 years and football is huge with an NFL team and a CFL team.

Now this is getting really interesting. Buffalo news just interviewed Jim Kelly at a function of some sort, he was in a tux. Anyway he admitted that he was interested in becoming a partner in an ownership of the Bills. He admitted that he could not afford it himself. When questioned about others interested he said, and I quote, I have been approached by many, many, many people...!
Maybe not in two months or maybe not in two years, but when Mr. Wilson is ready to talk.

Tie this is in with the (leak) about a new stadium and convention centre a few nights ago and just do the math.

Gee, do you think that people have been setting things up for quite some time? Stir the pot by announcing an exhibition game in Toronto and then start playing the publicity game.

Toronto wanabee NFLr's keep dreaming..

They already said that 50,000 fans at the roger centre would make more money then 80,000 at Ralph!So add 10,000 more thousand a game and thats just gravy!

Toronto is getting $uckered.

They're $ucking in southern Ontarians to become Bills fans. That's all that's happening here. They coming into to Canada to get our money. It's called marketing. Southern Ontario gets richer, western New York gets poorer.

I'm not biting. I will not support the Bills. Go away.

The wife and kids of Ralph dont want to use up thier will money and the effort in running the team no longer! Toronto looks like the highest bidder out there!

No one is being sucked in. NFL is very successful in southern Ontario already. About 20% of the paid attendance is Canadian at the Bills games. I enjoy both the CFL and NFL but will not kid myself and do belief that the NFL is a superior product. The CFL has always been and will continue to be a second tier league.

I have great 50 yard line seats for the Pats game for only $100 US for a pair of tickets. Don't the Ticats charge as much for box seats if I am correct?