New Stadium Facebook page

Please like this page, and lets get as many people as we can as the Argos deserve a new stadium

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No thanks I like the downtown one we have now. And the roof comes in handy during the rain storms and in the cold and snow. If you think they have trouble getting fans to go to a game now try and ask people to pay for a ticket and sit outside in the cold and rain.

You do know we're e getting the boot come 2017 right?

Someone correct me if I am wrong but the Argos are still scheduled to play in the City owned BMO.
The agreement between the city and MLSE to allow them to renovate that those would include expanding it to a CFL field for the Argos to play in.
Now those CFL reno's will not beready for next season but they will come in a second or 3rd phase.

They haven't had an official agreement that we will be moving in. But as has been stated, it's not a priority without the provincial and federal handouts. They are just getting it ready for rugby sevens at the pan-am games. Keep your fingers crossed.

The pan am Games are just an excuse MLSE is using to have the seating expanded for TFC next season. Rugby sevens will beplayed at BMO and although I like the sportI cannot see them needing anymore then 20K for that.
MLSE still needs the cities OK to do reno'seven if they are paying for it. Let's hope that the city gets this in writing beforeanything starts.
I amfine with the Argos waiting until 2016 or 2017 to moveinto BMO gives time to doit right and not sell tickets to an unfinished stadium beforethe season starts.