New Stadium Design??

In hearing all the talk of a potential new stadium for the Tiger-Cats if the Pan Am games are awarded to the Toronto area and what kind of stadium might be in the plans, I recently came across the new interactive stadium design for the University of Minnesota Gophers Football Team, the TCF Bank Stadium, check out the site link at

It's a good site, demonstrates the exterior and interior of the stadium along with private suites, this looks like an interesting open stadium design and close to the action similar to Ivor Wynne.

EAT EM RAW Tiger-Cats!!!

$290M US is way too rich considering there would be no federal or provincial funds without a track. Wow this is dreaming in technocolour

It will be More like Commonwealth cause of dam Track

AKT, First off the idea is not to design an 80,000 seat stadium this is what the U of M has in this design but to take some ideas from what they have and what works and design a stadium that seats 25-30,000 fans with great suites and private boxes, restaurants and so on. I am in No way suggesting we construct a 290 million dollar stadium but more in the realm of 50 to 75 million, is that affordable?? Or too high again?? I don't believe it's dreaming in Technicolor just use some of the ideas that work for others, Bob Young is an expert in this interactive area of business.


Its 50,000 with expansion possiblities. Even at 30,000 you are looking at $200M US unfunded. Can't work without the feds and the province involved and that means a track. $50M gets you BMO field with aluminum bleachers

Let them put in a track it is a good idea for track events all they have to do is put in retractable seating similar to Copps Coliseum just think of the noise aluminum flooring would make the Argos would love that

Have you been to BMO? Great facility. I would love for the Cats to have an intimate little stadium like that.

As for the track, not too big of an issue for me. Montreal has one and it doesn't take away from the site lines.

I've driven by countless times. Can't say I'm a fan of the temporary stands they are passing off as a stadium at the Ex. Montreals track couldn't be used for an international meet judging by the pictures. The stands are far too close, I'm not sure if its even a regulation track as its configured

Go to a game and you will love it. The seats are permanent but are made of aluminum.

Look at what we sit on, aluminum screwed into cement.

I would take a football version of BMO in a heartbeat.

Go to a soccer game. ROTFL. Not on your life. Especially in that armpit of a crowd. I value my life

I'll never go to a soccer game at BMO if my life depended on it, not my game or sports experiece at all and I don't care if they chant to the heavens and wave strips of cloth the entire game but I will admit the stadium looks decent in pictures I've seen of it.

The track at McGill only has 4 lanes this stadium is very crowded under the stands.BMO would be a nice stadium for the cfl

So Montreal doesn’t really have a track after all. I thought as much. Time to put the argument to rest that Montreal is an example of how a track won’t hurt a stadium